June 30, 2023

After a busy but relatively straightforward month, we’re back into the plentiful change that Cardinal seasons promise – the dawn of a new era or something. Cancer season usually means self-care and nurturing our nearest and dearest are top of mind. This month we may want to lean into the former a bit more as it’s got a few challenges in store for us. 

There’s lots of fresh energy in July. Mercury changes sign not once, but twice. Mars changes signs, as does the nodal axis and, of course, The Sun. Venus retrograde begins, and we have some challenging aspects in play later in the month. A lot of us would likely rather regress into our own proverbial shells than face reality right now, especially those of us facing the glacial conditions in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Our superior Mercury Cazimi on the 1st opens the month. Concurrent sextiles between Mercury, The Sun, and Jupiter colour this conjunction and make it a pretty enjoyable and insightful time. 

Venus squares Uranus on the 3rd, which is an aspect that will repeat itself on August 9th whilst she’s retrograde, and again on September 30th once direct. This unpredictable dynamic colours the retrograde and makes it a little less strightforward. Not that a retrograde is normally straightforward. The 3rd also brings a Full Moon in Capricorn which is trine Jupiter and opposing Mercury who is still closely conjunct The Sun. 

Mars enters Virgo on the 10th. Pruning season begins. This transit is a great opportunity to refine some area of your life, and the trick is to not fixate on the issues at hand. Virgo is a great editor, so find a way you can simplify for success. Measure twice, and cut once. 

Mercury enters Leo on the 11th, moving at full steam ahead all month. Before his ingress into Virgo, however, he does make a stark opposition with Pluto who is now back in Capricorn. Generally, these planetary interactions mean disclosures of hidden power dynamics or even abuses of power. It could mean becoming privy to something that we would rather be ignorant of. 

The nodes shift backward into Aries and Libra on the 18th, the beginning of an 18-month transit in the cardinal axis of our charts. This is one of the most pivotal of the year, astrologically speaking. Change is here. The ingress of the nodal axis coincides with our annual New Moon in Cancer which in itself isn’t wholly unpleasant. There’s a nice trine with dreamy Neptune and a sextile with Uranus. What follows, however, may shake you out of the fantasy; Mars opposes Saturn, and The Sun opposes Pluto. Both aspects will build during the lunation and go exact shortly thereafter. The whole week around these aspects going exact may feel challenging and difficult, especially since Mercury squares Uranus on the 24th adding additional anxiety to the mix. 

By the end of the month, we should be sailing relatively smoothly, aside from the Venus retrograde in Leo which begins on the 23rd of July, right in time for Leo season, bringing retrospection and reflection to our relationships, aesthetics, and vitality over the next 40 days and 40 nights. Think back to 8 years ago and 8 years before that – that’s when Venus retrograde last happened in this part of your chart. 

Mercury enters Virgo on the 29th, which is great news, though this is hardly as supportive as Mercury in exaltation usually is due to the malefic tension across the mutable axis. Mercury transits are wholly more pleasant without Saturn or Mars in the mix, let alone both. Perhaps he can be a salve to the situation though, a balm to the burn. Mars starts applying to a trine with Jupiter in Taurus after he opposes Saturn. The trine won’t go exact until the start of August, but it’s a softer energy to land on if nothing else. 

All dates and times are in Melbourne (AEST) time. Please adjust as needed. 

Read from your rising sign or sect light:


This month is a great time to do what you do best – manipulate people to your advantage and play the victim. I’m joking of course. Let’s get real though – The month starts out very nice with a Mercury Cazimi in your sign. Perhaps you can get crystal clear about who you are and who you want to be at this moment. 

The Full Moon in your seventh house of 1:1 relationships on the 3rd brings a longer-term personal issue with your nearest and dearest to its natural culmination. This will likely be productive and fruitful as it’s supported by the greater benefic, Jupiter, by trine. 

The major tension later this month between the malefics is across your third and ninth houses. These are your transport, communication, and skills houses. These houses also represent your siblings and any high-minded pursuits. You may find yourself right in the thick of it, as The Moon joins Mars right after the opposition with Saturn goes exact. You’re also hosting The Sun in your first house who opposes Pluto on this same day. Know that this is only a temporary setback. There’s plenty of opportunity to alchemize this tension into success over the coming weeks though, as Mercury will arrive in your third house shortly to lend a helping hand.

Venus will retrograde in your second house, so the topic of Venus retrograde for you will involve your finances, belongings, and values. Watch this space over the next couple of months. You’re going to level up post-retrograde, you just need to work out your next steps. 


You’re closing a major chapter in your career this month, the North node leaves your tenth house on the 18th and you’ll be switching your focus to more high-minded pursuits for the next couple of years. Don’t worry though, Jupiter is still in your career house supporting this area of your life until the end of the year. The departure of the nodal axis from this part of your chart means less disruption and more stability – or as much stability as an area of the chart can have whilst it hosts Uranus. 

There are potentially going to be some roadblocks in your health or finances towards the end of the month, so try to stay on top of these things as much as humanly possible. Take a cue from Venus in your first house and slow down for a minute. The transit of Mars through your second house can be a bit spendy, but you’ll have plenty of opportunity to make this back after Mercury arrives to help at the end of the month.  

Venus retrograde in your sign over the coming months will bring some revision to your overall look and self-image. This might feel like a great time to make some changes but perhaps wait until the Venus station in early September before committing to anything permanent. Think of making some refinements to your already fabulous self rather than starting fresh. Enjoy the spotlight later this month during the Sun’s annual transit through your sign. It’s all about you…well, it always is, right?


A very pleasant start to the month for you with your ruling planet making its superior conjunction with The Sun in your eleventh house. You might be blessed with some major insight at this time. Enjoy this day, and try to use it to reflect on your hopes and wishes for the future, or just enjoy some time with your friends. 

Later this month may be a trickier one for you as both malefic planets are transiting across your chart angles. Mars enters your sign on the 10th and makes a hard opposition to Saturn on the 21st. Saturn has been in your relationship sector since March. This opposition may bring up some interpersonal challenges for you and is certainly not an easy energy to navigate. Mars in your sign may make you especially combative, driven, or injury prone, but just know that your opponent is not one to underestimate and it may be wiser to attempt to find a resolution. This resolution may not come until early August when Mars trines Jupiter, but it’s certainly a better option than exhausting yourself on a losing battle.

Mercury enters your sign at the end of the month which should feel like a breath of fresh air. Meanwhile, Venus is going to be retrograde in your twelfth house allowing you to refine your solo endeavors, dream space, and mental health. 


This is the start of a pivotal chapter for you as the nodal axis enters your first and seventh houses this month. The transit of the South node across your first house over the next 18 months can be a bit draining, but consider this a karmic time of re-evaluating who you are, stripping away the parts of you that no longer fit. The presence of the South Node in your first house means eclipses will be taking place across your ascendant descendant axis, bringing big changes to you and your 1:1 relationships. Consider this as time spent in the chrysalis. 

You have a nice Full Moon in your fourth house on the 3rd. This is the home and living sector of your chart, which also represents your parents and emotional state. You’ll likely see some longer-term project in this area come to fruition around this time.

Pay attention to this date and look for changes or upheaval in your social circle as the Venus Uranus square that happens on the 3rd will repeat during the upcoming Venus retrograde. You may also experience some anxiety or unexpected news about your future goals, or social circle – both of which are eleventh house topics that are up for revision right now. 

Brace yourself for incoming retrospection as your ruling planet slows down prior to her retrograde later this month. Take a leaf out of the Venusian playbook and step back for a minute. Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up. 


July brings a change of pace as your ruling planet enters Virgo, your eleventh house. This is the part of your chart that represents your hopes and wishes for the future, as well as your social circle. This transit will likely bring both blessings and some curses. Mars will face off with Saturn on the 21st, which may be draining and testing. Luckily he ends up triumphant as he trines Jupiter in early August. It takes a while to appreciate the win though, so just keep on going until you get there. 

Virgo is a fussy sign and one that likes things ‘just so’. You may find yourself in editing mode this month, pruning your intentions and goals such that you fine-tune your trajectory for the better. 

Venus is going to retrograde in your tenth house, so you’ll probably be revising some career related matter and how you show up in the public area of your life. How do you want to be seen on the world stage? You need to go backward before you can go forwards. 

The nodes finally move off your angles this month, this is a huge relief as it means (almost) the end of eclipses here for the time being. You’ve done enough personal transformation for the minute, it’s time for you to focus on your health and work. 


The Capricorn Full Moon on the 3rd in your second house is harmoniously supported by your ruling planet, Jupiter. This will potentially bring some luck or good news around your financial situation. 

Mercury squares your ruling planet, Jupiter, on the 17th, this may bring up some issues around travel or study. Thankfully, this looks like it will resolve by August when the two planets connect again via trine. This interaction will be a major theme for the August Mercury retrograde also, so take notice of events on this date. 

The nodes shift on the 18th to your fifth house and eleventh house bringing into focus your hobbies, creativity, or children. You need to figure out how to have fun. Devote some time to play. The drain on your mental health from the past 18 months is finally over. It’s time to make yourself happy. 

You are revising overseas travel, study, or personal philosophies during the upcoming Venus retrograde which takes place in your ninth house. Think back to 2015 when this last happened for you. What came up then?

There’s a potentially unpleasant few days around the 21st as The Sun and Pluto oppose across your financial axis, Perhaps some issue comes to light that you were previously blissfully unaware of. Make sure your taxes are in order. Mars and Saturn oppose across your home, emotions, and career axis shortly thereafter. These tensions should resolve by August but may feel unpleasant for a week or so. Grin and bear it, baby. You’ve got this. 


The nodes enter your fourth and tenth house this month, meaning career and housing situations are going to be revised over the coming 18 months. Where the nodes sit, eclipses happen. Expect the north node to pull more focus into your home and emotional life, and the south node to pull energy or shift your focus away from your career or public image for the next couple of years. Big, karmic, changes are likely in these areas of life during this time.

Venus retrograde occurs in the sector of your chart that represents other people’s money. Taxes, inheritance, or shared finances will likely be revised over the coming months. Think back to 2015 when this last occurred for you. You’ll receive some sudden insight into what this retrograde may hold for you on the 3rd during the Full Moon in your sign. 

The annual Full Moon in your sign shows off who you’ve been busy becoming. Let the world see who you are and be proud of yourself. The fruition of a personal endeavor may come around this date. Take some time to celebrate all the effort that has taken place behind the scenes. Jupiter offers support to this lunation via trine, it’s a nice one. 

There’s some tension around travel later this month as Mars and Saturn oppose across your travel and communication axis. This potentially also involves your significant other or close 1:1 parters as it occurs almost concurrently with an opposition between The Sun and Pluto across your first and seventh house. Things should smooth over by early August though, so try to keep your eyes on the end goal through the chaos. 


The nodes shift off the major angles of your chart on the 18th which should bring some much needed relief. This also means your communication and travel axis will be housing the next eclipse cycle. Thankfully, the major changes and upheavals in your career, home, and emotional life those should be well and truly over by the end of the next round of eclipses later this year. 

Your ruling planet, Saturn, makes an uncomfortable opposition with Mars on the 21st. The whole week leading up to this may feel like a pressure cooker. This opposition takes place across your financial axis, and you may see some temporary losses around this time. Make sure you’ve got your taxes in order as Mars transits through your eighth house. This is not a great time to be gambling. 

Venus will station retrograde this month in your seventh of personal relationships. Expect some blasts from the romantic past and to be revising exactly what you want in a committed partner. There’s a fair bit of action in this part of your chart this month, so it may be a busy one with regard to your nearest and dearest. 

The lunations this month take place in your health axis, this is a nice time to re-evaluate your health and wellness practices and set some goals around the new Moon on the 18th. 


The nodes move into your finance axis on the 18th, ringing in a year and a half long period of major changes to these areas of life. The north node entering your second house may bring a period of focus on, or drive to increase your personal assets and wealth. Use the upcoming Venus retrograde to consider how your work and routines can help you achieve success in this area of your life.

Venus stations retrograde in your sixth house of work, health, and routines on the 23rd. The next 40 days will bring some necessary adjustments and reflection in these areas of life. What’s come up for you recently here? You need some time to reflect and adjust before moving forwards. Consider any events that come up during the Full Moon on the 3rd a clue as the aspect that occurs between Venus and Uranus on this date will be repeating itself over the coming weeks. 

The opposition between Saturn and Mars on the 21st will likely bring some challenges to your interpersonal dynamics. The last third of this month may prove to be a little uncomfortable, but this should subside by early August when your ruling planet, Jupiter, trines Mars in your seventh house. Continue refining your skills this month and consider how you can work collaboratively to achieve your goals, this will be a major theme of the next Mercury retrograde which starts next month. 


You’re about to enter an exciting chapter full of personal change and development. This period kicks off on the 18th of this month when the nodal axis enters your first and seventh houses. Expect major changes with regard to your self image and personal relationships during this time. Nothing you’re not ready for though. 

You have some longer term career goal coming to fruition early this month with the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 3rd. Enjoy the rewards. You have worked hard for this!

While Venus retrograde forces a change of pace to your romantic and creative life over the coming months, the major disruptions later this month are in your health sectors. Take care if yourself and don’t go too hard at the moment. Slow and steady wins the race, though that’s unlikely to be what an Aries wants to hear. 

Uncomfortable power struggles in your career or work life may come into play around the 22nd. Stay strong, there’s unlikely to be a lot you can do to change this at the current time. You may just become more aware of the true dynamics of a situation outside of your control. Focus on yourself. 


Prepared to slow down for a bit? Great, because that’s what your ruling planet has in store for you this month. You’ll be re-evaluating a lot of personal, emotional matters at this time, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have things figured out. It’s a nice time to brainstorm redecorating ideas to make your home super cozy as the retrograde takes place in your fourth house, which is the part of your chart that represents your home and emotions. 

The 3rd brings Full Moon in your ninth house, a culmination in the area of your chart that represents your travels, personal philosophy or academic life. This Full Moon occurs at the same time as Venus makes a jarring square with Uranus that will occur twice more over the coming months. Take care of your nervous system during this time as Uranus can be anxiety provoking. 

The great news this month is that the nodal axis moves off your major chart angles, meaning the 18 month period of disruption and change is (almost) over. You’ve changed so much in the last 18 months. It’s time to get used to the new you and appreciate how far you’ve come. Jupiter is still here until the end of the year to help you expand and grow into this new self. 

There may be some tensions that come up in your social or creative sphere in the last third of the month. Rest assured that this will blow over by August. Try not to involve yourself if you can help it.


Your month gets off to a great start with your ruling planet, Mercury, making his superior Cazimi on the 1st whilst simultaneously sextiling Jupiter. This could very much be your lucky day! Use it to your advantage if you can. The conjunction occurs in your second house of money and possessions, so this is the area of life you may expect to see success. 

The 11th may be a challenging date for you as Mercury opposes Pluto in your eighth house of shared assets and values. Make sure you’ve got your taxes in order or you could be in for a rude awakening. 

A square between Mercury and Jupiter on the 17th may have you feeling like you’ve hit a roadblock, this only proves moe challenging when he later squares Uranus on the 23rd. The issue that comes up on the 17th will likely resolve in a productive way by August and be a major theme of the upcoming Mercury retrograde. Take some time to understand the situation as best you can. You’ll be able to leverage this to your advantage later on. 

There’s some major tension in the later part of the month between your career and home life. Things improve slightly when Mercury enters Virgo, your fourth house of personal emotions and home life at the end of the month. Mars transiting this part of your chart may have you feeling irritable and combative, so take some time out if you need to. 

Venus is set to retrograde in your third house of communications and basic skills later this month. Prepare to re-evaluate your proficiency in this area during this time. This is a good time to edit and reflect on some writing or communication-skills based endevour. 



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