November 30, 2023

The month kicks off with a pretty immediate vibe shift. Mercury shifts out of Saggitarian chaos on the 2nd, and Venus moves out of the breezy calm of Libra and into the deep dark waters of Scorpio on the 5th. That brings an end to having a dignified benefic planet in play. 

December features our final Mercury retrograde station for the year. The planet of transit and communication will start heading backward on the 13th, so the start of the month offers a more favorable set of astrological circumstances for mercurial tasks. Even though Mercury will be transiting degrees he’ll soon pass back through, the first couple of weeks of the month give us more manageable and predictable circumstances than what we’ll have after the retrograde station, and especially after Mercury re-enters Sagittarius on the 23rd. 

Sagittarius is not a sign Mercury is particularly adept in, it’s the sign of his detriment. Couple that with retrograde motion, and a sign-based square with Neptune, and this makes him pretty unhelpful for much of the month. The square has already gone exact once in late November and will repeat at the end of December. We’re stuck in a bit of a time warp. 

We may go back and forth a lot during this month. Not because of indecision, but because of how things become increasingly unclear as the month progresses due to Neptune’s involvement. Confusion, daydreaming, idealism, and compassion will likely be the themes of the month. We’ll be reminded how these topics can derail otherwise straightforward tasks. The retrograde period itself though, does have some nicer moments and there are some positive exchanges between Mercury and Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn during the transit. 

Even though the next few weeks will likely be full of the classic Mercury retrograde re-dos and re-thinks. By the start of the new year, we’ll be feeling like we have a much better grasp on things. 

The retrograde station on the 13th coincides with a New Moon in Sagittarius. It’s a challenging time to piece together the truth of a situation. This is a time to make peace with the unknowns, and for appreciating that true wisdom is knowing that we can truly know nothing at all. If you can accept this now then you’ll have a much easier time with the second half of the month. 

The solstice on the 22nd marks the start of Capricorn season and coincides almost exactly with the midpoint in the retrograde cycle. This day always functions as an astrological transition point or a marker of progress. This year even more so. This is the start of the final chapter of the astrological year.

The harder pieces this December are a Venus-Pluto square that takes place on the 4th. Whatever tension comes up at this time is likely short-lived and resolves by the 29th when Venus sextiles Pluto from Scorpio. Venus does have some fun this month though, like when she opposes Jupiter in Taurus on the 10th, which is also great news for Jupiter who can glean some big favors at this time. 

The annual Full Moon in Cancer on the 27th looks set to coincide with some troubling situations. The lunation itself is supported by Jupiter and Saturn, so we’ll have some lovely circumstances coupled with some tricker ones. This is because it occurs just before a Mercury-Mars conjunction that squares Neptune. This is possibly the most problematic set of aspects this month. Mercury and Mars were conjunct back on October 30th, just without the square to Neptune. Think back to what happened around then for you to watch history rhyme or repeat. This might feel a little like deja vu. Watch out for drunk drivers on the roads, and make sure you don’t fire off at holiday celebrations without understanding a situation fully. This conjunction will repeat on the 28th of January next year, but in the more stable and reasonable sign, Capricorn. 

Read from your rising sign or sect light. 

All dates/times are in AEDT.


This whole month might feel a little bit like a fever dream. There’s a lot going on in your sign, and it’s easy to get a bit carried away and overwhelmed by that. 

Your chart ruler, Jupiter, opposes his ruler, Venus on the 10th. This is great news for you and may coincide with an influx of resources – be those emotional or physical, that you didn’t know you needed. This should improve your mental and physical well-being.

The New Moon on the 13th marks a new start for you. A new chapter has begun and you’re almost ready to settle in. Take some time around this date to consider what you want for yourself this next year. You’ll have plenty of time to refine and revise that during this month’s Mercury retrograde. 

Mercury will retrograde back into your sign on the 23rd, you’ll be coming back to yourself and enjoying some time with loved ones. Mercury rules your seventh house of relationships, and the trines between Jupiter and Mercury throughout this retrograde cycle mean you’ll be able to revisit and reestablish what it is you really want out of that part of your life. The 28th could be a difficult day due to the Mercury-Mars conjunction, so consider removing yourself from situations that are causing stress. 

Jupiter remains retrograde for almost the entire month, stationing direct on the 31st. You’ll be a new you by the new year, so plan to celebrate how far you’ve come in 2023 during the holiday season. 


Saturn is now moving steadily through your third house. You’ve made so much progress this year honing your communication and becoming more refined in your basic life skills. You’ve softened a lot, and are able to think with so much more nuance about topics you previously viewed as black and white. Take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come. Saturn receives some positive support from Mercury and Venus throughout this month, so don’t go looking for trouble and you just might stay out of it. 

Venus will be salving any burns you got last month during Mars’ transit through Scorpio. Dealing with friends will be much more positive this month, and you may start to feel a lot more hopeful about the future. 

Jupiter in your fifth house receives an auspicious influx of resources from Venus on the 10th. Children, romance, or creativity may be top of mind around this time, by the 31st when Jupiter stations direct things should be very clear about what these insights mean for you. 

Mars continues his transit through your twelfth house all month, joined for much of it by The Sun. Be careful with your mental health at this time as this can be a stressful transit, and try to concentrate on getting good sleep. Be especially mindful around the 28th when Mars joins Mercury. Neptune’s square to this conjunction may help to soften the energy and give you a little more compassion in any disagreements that flare up at this time. Take a cue from Neptune and spend some time daydreaming and checking out of reality for a while. You never know what you might dream of. 


Saturn, your ruler, enjoys some positive aspects this month from Mercury throughout his retrograde cycle, and from Venus. You may receive some traction around establishing longer-term financial benefits at this time as Saturn is currently transiting your second house. 

Venus and Jupiter oppose each other on the 10th which may leave you feeling supported and give you a better sense of wellbeing. Jupiter currently rules over Saturn and will continue to until 2025, so what is good for Jupiter is good for Saturn.

Try not to be too preachy this holiday season, as Mars is transiting your eleventh house, joined by Mercury on the 28th. This could potentially spell conflict in your social circle. Neptune’s involvement may lead to confusion and delusion, so have your facts straight if you are going to come for someone. Think back to the 28th of October – what came up for you then? This is a repeat of that event. 

You look great though, Venus is transiting your tenth house this month, lending a very positive reception by the general public or people in your work life. Career gains are certainly possible this month if you have played your cards right.


As much of a damper as Saturn has put on things since March, at least things have started moving forward again. Jupiter, your ruler, gleans some resources from Venus on the 10th. This is good news for you and you may see an uptick in resources at this time. 

Jupiter is closely connected to the Mercury retrograde this month, which will occur across your eleventh and tenth house. You’ll be revising your hopes and wishes for the future, as well as your social circle and career, though it may be a confusing time, this will certainly work out in your favor due to Mercury’s trine-based relationship with Jupiter throughout the first part of the transit. 

The major theme of this retrograde may have to do with a longer-term relationship as Mercury is your seventh house ruler. Neptune is also connected to this retrograde therefore things may seem very unclear at the current time, and there is the potential to fall prey to delusion or being far too idealistic. Wait until the new year to figure it all out, and try to keep your feet on the ground until then. Easier said than done.  

On the 28th there’s a challenging conjunction between Mercury and Mars in your tenth house. This is the part of your chart that represents your public image and career, so prepare for an issue or potential confusion conflict around this time. 

On the 31st Jupiter stations direct and Mercury soon follows, so come the new year things are looking a lot more straightforward and clear for you and you’re ready to make some solid progress again in early 2024. 


Your ruling planet, Mars, is freshly reborn after last month’s conjunction with The Sun. Now you’re moving forward and in fresh pursuit of a new goal. 

Mars spends much of the month in close proximity to The Sun in Sagittarius, as such you may not feel especially bold or seen. The Sun obscures Mars, therefore he’s invisible in the sky. It’ll take a while before you get used to this new you. 

On the 28th Mars and Mercury conjoin in Sagittarius. This is concurrent with a square to Neptune. Take care when traveling, planning study, or communicating at this time, there’s a lot of confusion at play and you want to take extra care in these areas. 

Sagittarius is your ninth house, this is the part of your chart that represents travel, study, and religion or philosophy. These themes will likely be top of mind this month as there is so much action in this part of your chart. Slow down, allow extra time, and consider your options. 

There’s some potential for an increase in your personal finances or assets on the 10th, when Venus opposes Jupiter across your second and eighth house axis. The Full Moon in Cancer on the 27th also looks nice. This is the culmination of some home or family projects that have been a long time coming, enjoy how far you have come. 


This month may feel deeper and darker than you wanted, but you may get to the bottom of something challenging, or see the light at the end of the tunnel. The only way out is through and this isn’t exactly a bad month for you overall. 

Venus enters Scorpio on the 5th, right after squaring Pluto. Pluto can remind us of our shame, or of challenging power dynamics. This face-off might occur in your workplace, as Venus will be transiting from your sixth house and into your seventh. All should be ironed out by the end of the month though, as Venus will make a much more favorable aspect to Pluto on the 29th. 

On the 10th, Venus makes contact with Jupiter. This may bring some expansive, bold, feel-good action in your 1:1 relationships, though there’s an abrupt change in these circumstances mid-month. Venus opposes Uranus on the 21st. This could come as an out-of-the-blue shock or strange turn of events. 

The holiday period brings a lovely opportunity to zone out and escape. Venus trines Neptune on the 26th. A great time to consider possibilities – dreaming is a great form of planning. 

A lot of action this month is occurring in your eighth house, Sagittarius. You may be dealing with topics of death, inheritance, or even gambling. These should culminate around the 28th when Mercury and Mars join up in this part of your chart to provide some action and closure around these themes. 


December is a month when you finally get to slow down. Lucky for you that should be easy this year given that your ruling planet, Mercury, is doing just that. 

The Sun is transiting your seventh house during the first two-thirds of the month, just like it does every year. You get an even more obvious spotlight on your 1:1 relationships this year, as Mars is transiting alongside The Sun. There’s a reset around the 13th of the month when we experience the first lunation, a New Moon in Sagittarius. What plans do you have around your close relationships and/or business partnerships for the year to come? 

Mercury starts out the month in Capricorn, your eighth house. Here you may be dealing with some issues around shared finance, inheritance, or debts. You’ll need to revisit this over the coming weeks, so take note. 

Then we move into the deja vu section of the month, where Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius on the 23rd, and re-enters a square with Neptune. This coincides with the midpoint of Mercury’s retrograde phase where he will pass through the heart of The Sun as the Sun enters Capricorn. You should understand the major topic of this retrograde on this date, and why you need to head back and focus on your nearest and dearest for a few more weeks. Pencil in some alone time out on the 23rd and notice what you come up with. 

Sparks fly on the 28th when Mercury conjoins Mars, and this may spell a holiday breakup for more than a few people. Try to consider the holistic situation and don’t get too dead-set about your ideologies at this time. Mars and Mercury in the sign of the preacher bring some element of divisiveness, and nobody likes that during the silly season. Let it go. 


The Sun travels through your seventh house during the holidays. This is lovely as it means you get to spend the festive season basking in the warmth and light of your nearest and dearest. This year though, there’s a lot of work stuff keeping you distracted, including some unfinished projects that require attention and review. Some of this could potentially be a problem for you.

Venus enters your fifth house on the 5th of the month and opposes Jupiter on the 10th. You may be pondering your hopes and dreams for the future at this time, especially around children or creative pursuits. 

The annual Full Moon in your sign takes place on the 27th of the month. The lunation itself is nicely supported by Jupiter in your eleventh house of friends and hopes for the future, as well as Saturn in your ninth house. That said, this Full Moon coincides with the Mars-Mercury conjunction in your sixth house. There may be some trouble brewing, or you may be particularly aware of some upsets or enemies at this time. 

The ruler of your seventh house, Saturn, is moving forward and pretty well supported this month, so at least you’ll have close relationships to lean on. Given that Saturn supports The Cancer Full Moon by trine commitment in your 1:1 relationships or business partnerships may be a big theme of the holidays this year. You’ve come full circle, appreciate what you’ve gleaned this year. 


This month the spotlight is on your creativity, children, and play. There’s a reset happening around these themes for you on the 13th, so consider what new projects in these areas you’d like to embark on next year. You may run into some issues in this area later in the month, as there’s a Mercury retrograde through this part of your chart that coincides with a conjunction with Mars on the 28th, but until then just sit back and enjoy the holiday madness. 

Mercury conjoins The Sun on the 23rd, so you may be privy to some insight into your work life or daily routines on this date. This is followed by a sextile to Saturn on the 25th, so whatever insight you gleaned you’re ready to implement and possibly have some resources available to you to do just that

Venus is in your fifth house most of the month and opposes Jupiter on the 10th. Jupiter is currently in your tenth house of career, so expect some kudos or recognition in your public life or career around this date. This will likely be reaffirmed around the 28th when Jupiter receives a trine from The Sun. 

Venus enters your fifth house just in time for New Year’s celebrations. The fifth house is Venus’ favorite place to be, so you should be ready to ring in the new year in style. Not that we would expect any less from you. 


You may have experienced some financial gains recently due to Venus’ transit through your second house. This month Venus will be assisting with your communication and helping you navigate an especially bewildering month. 

Your ruler is heading into a period of reflection this month. You’ll be reflecting on more than you bargained for, including topics around your home or living situation, and your romantic attachments. 

Venus makes an opposition to the ruler of your seventh house, Jupiter, on the 10th. With Saturn now direct in this part of your chart, you’re solidifying the progress that you have made in your 1:1 relationships during the past months. Mercury is making favorable aspects to Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn during the month, so you’ll certainly be entertaining a lot around the topic of relationships. 

Take some time out on the 23rd to consider options and notice what comes up. 

A new chapter opens in your fourth house, this relates to your home or your parents. Perhaps you’re moving, or perhaps you’re home for the holidays and these themes are necessarily top of mind. 

The last few days of the month around the Full Moon in Cancer may be more spicy than you bargained for. The 28th is an especially challenging day, so try not to lose your head. 


Your ruling planet, Venus, makes a harsh square with Pluto on the 4th. This may bring up some scary issues or triggers about things you are ashamed of but ought not to be. Working on these issues throughout the month will pay off by the 29th when Venus makes a more favorable aspect to Pluto. 

Venus moves into your second house this month and brings a period of financial or material support with her. On the 10th she will oppose Jupiter in your eighth house and provide some stable and noticeable benefits in the form of money or possessions. You’re in for some potential surprise that may cause anxiety around the 21st as Venus opposes Uranus. Expect the unexpected at this time. In fact, expect that most of the month because it’s going to feel like a time warp. 

Of course, you don’t get to skip the chaos of Merucury’s last 2023 retrograde. This transit is set to occur across your fourth and third houses and impacts the topics of home, parents, and communication. The key to getting through the month should become clear on the 23rd when Mercury passes through the heart of The Sun. 

There are some nice opportunities for daydreaming on the 26th when Venus makes a trine with Neptune. Consider checking out of reality that day. 

You may experience some harsh communication or even confusing relationship upsets around the 28th as retrograde Mercury crosses paths with Mars who rules your seventh house. Think back to how you navigated late October because this links back to that time. This aspect will repeat again on the 28th of January as well so pay attention so you know the game better in the future. 


How does it feel after your cosmic reboot last month? 

This month Mars is co-travelling with The Sun. Your focus may be centered around topics of income and tangible possessions at this time. Mercury’s upcoming retrograde will also re-emphasize the importance of these topics this month, as this transit is going to largely take place in your second house. 

You may necessarily be parting with more money than you wanted to at this time. Consider what your money and possessions mean to you around the 23rd, when Mercury passes through the heart of The Sun. This is a great time to glean some important insights. 

Venus transits through your first house this month. You may feel especially attractive or magnetic. That’s because you are. Notice what happens on the 10th, as Venus opposes Jupiter on this date and your relationship sector is activated. A nice time to let someone special know what they mean to you. Not that Scorpios part with secrets willingly or anything. 

The 28th brings some challenging topics up, these could relate to money, death, or inheritance. Or you may just experience an annoying clash of values. Either way, look before you leap. This aspect comes back in a more reasonable and less confusing form in January, so watch for repetition around the 28th of January. 



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