Rational, Relevant, Self-Elevation

Ancient Astrology For The Modern Age 


Relevant, Rational, Self-Elevation

Astrology is a tool you can use to understand your psychology, life events and direction, love life, fertility and almost anything else related to living on earth.

Your birth chart is like your cosmic blueprint, detailing the architecture of your character and life circumstances. Through astrology you can see your true self, your obstacles, and make clear your purpose in this life.

Academic background

My academic background is in psychology, philosophy, and biomedical science, and my approach to astrology is similarly rigorous and scientific. 

Empower yourself

The goal is to equip you with the skills to navigate your own chart, and the world of astrology, as well as empower you to be the most authentic version of yourself, living your best life.

Ancient astrology

I practice a pragmatic blend of ancient astrologies, and specialise in timing techniques. I am a traditional astrologer, mainly drawing from Hellenistic astrology, and Jyotish or Vedic astrology.

About Me

My name is Luzie-Selene Lonsdale and I am a second generation astrologer from New Zealand. Both of my parents are astrologers, and I have had the rare privilege of having a lifelong relationship with the ancient science of astrology.

I love teaching people about the incredibly rich and complex symbolic language in astrology, re-introducing them to the magic inherent to our life on earth, and what their purpose and gifts are to bring forth while they are here.

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