May 31, 2024

Gemini is the zodiacal jack of all trades. This sign can do it all, think about it all, go in every direction – often all at once. The thing about being a jack of all trades is that you often end up being a master of none. ‘Tis the season of chaotic twists and turns. It is a month of necessary change, flexibility and adjustment – that’s the nature of mutability. Of course, June is also the month of the solstice and our annual shift in a warmer or cooler direction, depending on where in the world you find yourself.

June includes many resets, culminations, and new chapters opening. Venus and Mercury both have cazemi moments this month. Venus on the 5th, and Mercury on the 15th. New starts are often unseen, a resolution made in private, something delicate that is not yet ready for the blinding light of the real world. Expect the results of these starts to come later, after they have received the requisite nurturing.

Last month included one of the defining astrological events of 2024 – Jupiter’s entrance into Gemini, where he will stay for just over a year. This is the start of a chapter of increased flexibility, more directions, and more information. They say there’s no such thing as too much information, we are in the information age after all.

Because of how significant this transit is, your June horoscope also contains a mini Jupiter in Gemini forecast for the year ahead.

There’s a lot of congruence between Jupiter and the Gemini archetype. Jupiter is wisdom, and Gemini is intellect. Both are concerned with diplomacy and likability. Mercury is the friend, and Jupiter is the parent. This is the major clash between them that catalyzes growth and change. Jupiter is concerned with hierarchy, with authority. Jupiter is teachers, gurus, and religious institutions. Jupiter is someone who we can collectively have faith in, and trust in the truth and wisdom of. Mercury is the proverbial peer, the scientist. Mercury wants exchange and an even playing field. Mercury wants facts and logic and for you to show your working, they want you to consider all the options and weigh them up. Jupiter in Gemini allows for the fast acquisition of sufficient skills or knowledge to function proficiently. Just enough to move forward, but not enough to be anything resembling an expert.

June opens with a trine between Jupiter in Gemini and Pluto in Aquarius. This is the first time these planets have interacted in this way in our lifetime. It’s something wholly fresh and new. Mercury is travelling in tandem with Jupiter and so completes the same aspect the day after. Jupiter and Mercury then meet. It’s as if they glean some arcane knowledge and then enter communion. This is a fresh possibility, new ideas, new discourse, new potential. This inevitably brings with it fears of the unknown- but in an exhilarating way perhaps. This is the way to the future as we were promised it. 

The thing about having all this mutable action is that hard aspects to Saturn in Pisces are unavoidable. Responsibility, boundaries and consequences become themes in the second week of the month when Venus, The Sun, and then Mercury all form squares to Saturn. The indolence of Saturn in Pisces gives a quick reality check. We need to slow down now. 

Mars squares off with Pluto in Aquarius as he enters Taurus. This is probably the most challenging aspect this month, and given the nature of the planets involved is bound to dredge up some troubling stuff. Power dynamics, abuses of power, unbridled rage etc. Fun stuff. The good news is that it’s just a couple of days (10th – 12th). 

Venus and Mercury square Neptune as they enter Cancer on the 17th. Confusion, idealism, and escapism may be rife in our social sphere this time. These things can be fun sometimes, plus Venus-Mercury conjunctions are usually a nice time. 

Enjoy the first, distinctly lighter part of this month. Enjoy the expanse and possibility of a year pregnant with new potential in the Gemini house in your chart. This transit will give you options and remove boundaries in this area of life. Get curious, go down new avenues, and learn ten new skills at once. As the saying goes, a jack of all trades and a master of none is oftentimes better than a master of one. 

Read from your rising sign or sect light. 

All dates/times are in AEDT.


Mercury enters Gemini on the 3rd. Following The Sun, Jupiter and Venus who all joined the party in May. Imagine that – two benefics and your ruling planet all home at the same time in your sign. This might be your lucky month. Don’t get lost in the sauce. You might look and feel fabulous, especially for the first week, so use it well. 

The 15th brings a reset, a cazemi. This cazemi closes out the retrograde that ended on April 25th and starts a whole new cycle for you. There are personal insights to be had in spades during this time. Who do you want to be for this next chapter? Mercury is now invisible, in the potent darkness that results from being obscured by The Sun. You’re reforming at this time, ready to debut in a couple of weeks as an evening star with a new lease on life. You may feel particularly introspective during the week or so following this. 

Straight after the cazemi, Mercury meets Venus on the 17th which should be a sweet day, and favourable for putting beautiful words to things, or dreaming up a new aesthetic for yourself. The trouble is that Mercury and Venus are also squaring Neptune, which can be an amazing and inspirational place to escape to, but not necessarily produce tangible or realistic results. It can be confusing or even outright deceptive.

Mercury and Saturn link up twice this month. Once via a square on the 12th, which may coincide with a temporary hurdle or roadblock. You should be moving in the right direction and making productive steps by the end of the month when Mercury trines Saturn on the 27th. 

Jupiter rules your seventh house of partnerships and your tenth house of public image and career. You can expect these topics to be front and center of your life during this transit. This is all about you blooming, expanding, and defining who you are positively and productively.


There’s a lot of action in your twelfth house this month. The New Moon on the 6th is in your twelfth house, Jupiter is there, Venus is there, Mercury is there…It’s a whole party. 

The twelfth house is that shadowy, liminal space that we must enter alone. Ever wondered about all the ways you have sabotaged yourself? Ever wanted to understand your subconscious, to unpack it all until there is nothing left? Great. You’re going to enjoy the year ahead. You may find that you are extra lucky when you are all by yourself, or make some breakthroughs in some solo pursuit, such as therapy, mental health, or a spiritual practice. 

Jupiter rules your sixth house of health, daily routines, and pets. He also rules your ninth house of travel, higher education and faith. You may find that these topics become essential to maintaining your mental health or spirituality, or you could explore these topics in a very personal way during this transit. You may simply find that you can find greater rewards when you go it alone. When you let yourself be that stranger in a strange land. You’re the most magnetic when you’re personally, and spiritually satisfied. 

The Solstice and beginning of Cancer season on the 21st marks a big shift. You’ve done some hard personal work, and are ready to import your learnings into lived reality and embody them. 

The Full Moon on the 22nd is in your seventh house, though it is square Neptune. This could be a lovely culmination in your relationship/s, or a confusing and unclear situation. Either way, the lines are blurry around this time, so it’s best to try to enjoy it if you can and figure out the details later.


Jupiter is in your eleventh house. This is the house where Jupiter likes to be the most – the part of your chart that’s all about the things you do with other people. Your friendship circle, groups, alliances, and philanthropic or humanitarian work fit here. Let’s figure out some ways that giving back to others can benefit you. Is there a point otherwise? 

Jupiter rules your fifth house which is all about fun, romance, play, competition and children. He also rules your eighth house of death, sexuality and hidden things. You may find that these topics show up thematically in your friendships over the coming year. 

The Sun meets Venus and Mercury this month, on the 5th and the 15th, respectively. These dates function as a reset for Mercurial and Venusian topics. How can your sensuality and connections with others better serve you better in the future? Are your styles of love and communication adding to your vitality or hindering it? You have the chance to recalibrate these things now, aesthetically, and logically- however you need to. 

This month brings, yes, a potentially very busy social life. It also brings a few more challenging issues for you, you may encounter a roadblock around the 9th when The Sun squares Saturn. Consequences may catch up with you, and you may need to implement some change, but the action this will precipitate will work out better for you in the end. This issue may be around shared assets, sexuality, inheritance or death.

There’s also some potential for career or public image issues when the Mars-Pluto square takes place on the 11th. This will be short-lived, but potentially heated and dramatic. Mars is now in Taurus and will be transiting your career sector for the next month. Prepare for more action here. 

The 21st brings a confusing influence – a square to Neptune. Things may seem a little unclear or idealistic. You may feel the need for some much-needed escapism. Don’t try to make any important decisions at this time as there is the opportunity for deception or confusion. If you can, this is a nice time to get lost and be inspired. 


Your ruling planet enters its airy domicile, Gemini, on the 3rd. Gemini is your tenth house, which is the part of your chart that represents your career and public life. There is a whole lot of action in this part of your chart this month, so it’s likely to be a busy one. The first part of June is expansive and pleasant enough. Mercury goes under The Sun’s beams and is obscured from view for much of the month after this so you may be especially introspective or reflective. 

Mercury squares Saturn on the 12th, which may bring up some issues around boundaries, and responsibility in your relationships and career. Whatever this roadblock is, it should be resolved by the end of the Month when the planets engage again via trine. 

The 15th brings a reset, a cazemi – this is when Mercury is exactly conjunct The Sun. It generally provides some clarity and insight. Who do you want to be? What do you want for yourself in the public area of your life? How do you want to be known and seen? Why?

Straight after that Mercury meets Venus on the 17th and they both square Neptune. This is a challenging, hazy set of circumstances where idealism, escapism, and fantasy may be rife, especially in your social life. Enjoy the vibes, but don’t get lost in them. It’s just a couple of blurry days. Better just to enjoy than to try to figure anything out. 

Jupiter is now in your tenth house and will be here until June next year. Your career will likely be expanding positively from now on. Bulsily, and in many directions at once, but expanding. Public life may become much more central of a theme than before. The start of the month could bring a transformational connection, or a favourable power dynamic that will facilitate this, keep an eye out around the 3rd. Jupiter rules the areas of your chart responsible for relationships, and your home and family situation. So these topics will possibly come to define or be more relevant to your public persona over the coming year.


Venus, your ruling planet, spends the first half of the month in your ninth house. She ingresses into Cancer, your tenth house after that. This month is big for you. Venus makes her superior conjunction with The Sun. This is a huge reset and recalibration. Think back in four-year increments to past Venus cazemis in this part of your chart for clues (2020, 2016, 2012, and so on). This is the time when the seed is planted, the intention is set. 

The harder parts of the month include a square between Venus and Saturn on the 8th, which may produce a hurdle or roadblock. Consequences or boundaries may be thematically relevant, especially relating to your work, health or daily routines. You may need to take action to get things back on track. 

There’s a conjunction between Venus and Mercury and a square to Neptune on the 17th. This is right as both planets enter your tenth house of public life and career. You may be feeling idealistic, confused, or lost in a fantasy on these dates. Not necessarily a bad feeling, but also not especially productive, maybe don’t make any major public or career moves around this date. 

Jupiter is in your ninth house now. There’s joy and wisdom to be found in travel and study. Find it. You have natural luck in these areas of life for the next year. Faith, philosophy, and/or travel will likely be important and fruitful for you until June next year. This is a great time to write and learn. Jupiter rules your third house of communication and your sixth house of work, health, and daily routines. You can expect these topics to become relevant to your higher education, publishing or travel plans. 


Your ruling planet, Mars, spends the first part of the month in your sixth house, amping up your work and daily routines. These may be especially busy and chaotic at the moment, but this should subside when Mars enters Taurus on the 9th. You can expect more action in your 1:1 relationships from this date onwards.

Mars shifts from domicile to the sign of his detriment on the 9th. You may find that you feel less effective and vital at this time like your actions didn’t precipitate the results they did last month. It’s okay. You can still get results whilst adhering to speed limits. 

Mars squares Pluto in Aquarius on the 11th, bringing a brand new tension for you to deal with. While the aspect itself is taking place in the parts of your chart that represent your home and living situation and relationships, being a Mars-ruled person this transformative tension will likely impact you more than other, less martial types. Be prepared. You’re being asked to change, to shift, to move in directions you haven’t moved before. This can feel terrifying, the unknown always does, just know that there’s a lot of good to come from it in time. 

There’s a sextile with Mercury on the 22nd, and a sextile with Venus on the 29th, so the last third of the month looks straightforward, productive and positive for you. You’ve just got to get there first. 

Gaining money or value through others will in focus for you this coming year. Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, joy and expansion transits your eighth house. This transit also activates topics such as sexuality, death, transformation, and hidden knowledge. The coming year invites you to dive deep and satisfy your curiosity. 

Jupiter rules your second house which is concerned with your finances, self-esteem, and values. He also rules your fifth house of children, play, creativity, and fun. You may find these topics are more relevant to values and assets that you share with others over the coming year.


The month kicks off with something completely new. Something you haven’t felt before. That’s because Jupiter trines Pluto in Aquarius for the first time since you have been on this planet. 

Pluto in Aquarius is asking you to transform your communication style, and in turn your relationships. This is going to be eventually productive and enable you to reach a level of joy and harmony here that you haven’t experienced before, but this also requires you to change the way you interact with people in this category. Pluto in the third house asks us to share the dark scary stuff, dredge deep and truly connect. Terrifying. Mercury joins Jupiter on the 4th, so these themes set you up for the whole first third of the month. 

Ask yourself What about communication is working in your relationships? What isn’t?

The Venus cazemi on the 5th functions as a proverbial reset in your relationships with others. This is starting a whole new cycle for you in terms of love and sensuality, and how you share these things. This is the major theme of the month for you, and with both benefics transiting this part of your chart we can expect that these will be for the better. 

Jupiter rules your ascendant and fourth house, so this transit through your seventh house over the next year impacts all major areas of your life (you/your body, your home and parents, your career, and your closest relationships) in a supportive and expansive way though through catalysing change. 


This may be a busy, challenging month for you. There’s a tonne of action in your sixth house of health, work, and daily routines. For the first half of the month, this will be in focus in a big way. 

As many of the inner planets are travelling together currently, there are repeating aspects. Namely squares between Venus, The Sun, and Mercury. Venus squares Saturn on the 8th, The Sun squares Saturn on the 9th, and Mercury squares Saturn on the 12th. These squares require action. You will be asked to change somehow.

Mars enters your fifth house on the 9th. It’s nice to finally not have a malefic in an angular house. Mars will be amping up your romantic life, play, and sex, as well as issues around children or fertility. The 11th may bring up some fears or power struggles around these things, and even how they relate to your values and finances.

There’s a hazy, lazy, Full Moon in your sign on the 22nd. Some personal goal has come to its natural culmination. You’re entering a new phase of your life. What did you wish for that you now have? Take a look around at what you’ve achieved. By this time, the inner planets are all already in Cancer, your seventh house, and suddenly your relationships are in focus in a big way. Venus is here, and this is a cozy, soft transit for you. How do those closest to you allow you to shine?

Mercury trines Saturn on the 27th, and we’re finally getting some productive conclusions or information we need before Saturn stations retrograde on the 30th. You’ll be entering an introspective chapter for the coming months. 

Jupiter is now in your sixth house. Jupiter rules your third and twelfth house. Expect communication, writing, solitude, spirituality or issues around self-sabotage to potentially become major parts of your daily life moving forward. Jupiter will be expanding and fortifying your health, work, and daily routines for the next year. It’s nice to know you have luck on your side, but have you considered meditating? 


Jupiter is in your fifth house. This is a fun part of your chart that concerns things we do to play – creativity, sex, romance, and competition. This part of your chart also represents children and fertility. This transit, which lasts a whole year, should be especially enjoyable for you.

Most of the cohort of planets transiting your fifth house will square your ruling planet, Saturn during the first half of the month. Venus squares Saturn on the 8th, The Sun squares Saturn on the 9th, and Mercury squares Saturn on the 12th. Saturn is in your second house of finance and values. You may have to come to some decisions around the inherent tension between these areas of life over the coming weeks. You might get to learn all about how responsibilities or consequences can put a damper on a good time.

Mars enters your fourth house of private emotions, home and family on the 9th. Mars transiting an angle of your chart can be intense. Expect to exert more effort in these areas, and possible conflicts or hot-headedness. As Mars enters this sign he squares Pluto, currently transiting your first house. You may find the first few days of this transit especially intense.

The Sun, Mercury, and Venus enter your sixth house of work, health and daily routines in the second half of the month so your energy and attention will shift to these areas for a little while.

Jupiter rules your second house of values and personal finance, and your eleventh house which is all about your friendships and networks. You can expect these topics to coincide more with things you do for fun or play, romance or procreation in the coming year. Networking and bringing acquaintances closer may be a major part of the year, it’s all about fun, friends and fertility. Lucky for some. 


There’s something new for you this month. Something you’ve never experienced before. You’ll feel the effects of this over the first few days of June. This is because your ruling planet, Jupiter, trines Pluto in Aquarius for the first time in your lifetime. 

Pluto is in your twelfth house, trining Jupiter in your fourth house. You’re being asked to transform your spirituality or mental health and to investigate the ways you self-sabotage by trawling your subconscious. This won’t be without great effort, and facing past triggers, but you have the luckiest planet in the sky on your side for the next year providing some emotional buoyancy. Mercury and Jupiter meet in your fourth house on the 4th, which will help you put words, reason, and logic to this. This date should give you some major personal insight. 

The first part of this month is very fourth-house-focused and you may be spending more time at home, with parents, or dealing with some private situation or emotions. There’s a Venus cazemi here on the 5th, providing you with a big reset so you can move forward in a new, productive direction. 

The second part of the month is defined by the stellium of inner planets entering your fifth house. That’s the fun part of your chart that relates to play, romance creativity, sex, children and fertility. Venus enters Cancer with Mercury on the 17th and The Sun soon follows. This should be a sweet and enjoyable period for you where your romantic life or hobbies could flourish. Get out and get amongst.


Your ruling planet, Mars, spends the first part of the month in your first house. You may be feeling especially empowered and purposeful at this time. Mars is your ruling planet, so this last chapter has been all about coming back to self. 

This month you have a big change in focus, and there’s the potential for a few issues mid-month. Things clear up by the end of the month and there’s a sextile between Mars and Mercury on the 22nd, and Mars and Venus on the 29th, so the last week of the month provides some respite. 

Mars enters Taurus on the 9th and your focus shifts to finances and personal values. You may need to take some necessary action in this area. Mars has now shifted from domicile to the sign of his detriment and squares Pluto in Aquarius on the 11th. This is a brand new tension for you to deal with. The tension is between your communication style, or basic skills and your social life or network. You’re being asked to change, to shift, to move in directions you haven’t moved before. There may be hidden power dynamics at play, or this may just be an uncomfortable set of circumstances. Are you in alignment with those you are associating with? 

Jupiter is in your third house. This is the part of your chart that represents your communication and basic skills, transit, and siblings. These life topics will be expansive and exuberant for the year ahead. You may feel called to write or speak more. You may simply be on the road more, or your siblings may suddenly be a source of wisdom. 

Jupiter rules your ninth house which represents your travel, higher learning, and faith, as well as your twelfth house of spirituality, self-sabotage, and solitude. These areas of life will likely be impacted by the above over the coming year. You may even feel called to write or communicate about these things more. 


Venus, your ruling planet, spends the first half of the month in your second house, along with The Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter. Mid month she ingresses into Cancer, your third house. Your focus may change at this time from finances or possessions to communication, transit or siblings.  

This month brings a proverbial reset for you on the 5th when Venus joins The Sun and forms a cazemi. This may bring in some profound personal insights about how you see yourself and how valuable you really are. Keep your mind’s eye open to inspiration on this date. Think back in four-year increments to the last time this conjunction happened in this part of your chart for clues (2020, 2016, 2012, and so on). This is the time the seed is planted, the intention is set. This cazemi takes place in your second house so your finances, self-esteem, and values are likely the area of life that this relates most to. 

The major issues for you this month are a square between Venus and Saturn on the 8th where you may be forced to change course or take some action due to a roadblock. This could be related to finances or your social circle. 

Then Mars enters your sign on the 9th, and you might be faced with some other uncomfortable issue relating to power or existential threats as he squares Pluto in Aquarius shortly thereafter – this could relate to your career or public image. Mercifully, this is only for a couple of days. You’ll be fine. 

There’s a conjunction between Venus and Mercury and a square to Neptune on the 17th. This is right as both planets enter your third house. This is a dreamy, hazy time. Not a bad feeling, but also not especially productive. It’s only a couple of days though. Don’t make any important financial decisions as Neptune deals with deception and confusion, things may not be as they seem. 

Jupiter is in your second house. Your finances, possessions and values will see gains over the coming year. Your self-esteem will likely also be stable and buoyant. As Jupiter rules your eighth and eleventh house, some income or gains may result from death or inheritance, or come through your friendship circle or network. Maybe both if you’re lucky. 


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