May 31, 2023

What an end to the month huh? Thankfully, things get more straightforward in June. To be honest, what’s missing is probably going to be more evident than what is present. What’s missing is the drama of eclipse season and Mercury retrograde.

The month does, however, begin with an unexpected shakeup around the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 4th. The lunation looks like it forgot to take its ADHD medication. Mercury makes their conjunction with Uranus soon after this, as they plow through the later degrees of Taurus. This conjunction links back to the start of the retrograde in April. Mercury stationed before the conjunction went exact last time, and this time round it completes. Think back to what was happening back then for you. 

Venus enters Leo on the 5th which marks the start of a very extended and very dramatic stay, made even more dramatic by the opposition with Pluto that she makes on her ingress. Venus will retrograde in this sign from July 23rd to September 4th. If you thought ex’s returning during Mercury retrograde was a thing well, you just wait. Now is a good time to take stock in your Venus-ruled houses in preparation for this; she will be in her shadow from about mid-month onward. 

Pluto re-gresses back into Capricorn this month. How did you enjoy his visit to your Aquarius house? Perhaps if you didn’t notice his presence you’ll notice his absence. This is a very long transit that will kick off properly in 2024 and last until 2043. Consider the past few months a taste test. 

It’s Gemini season of course, and Geminis are blessed with a visit from their ruling planet, Mercury, who enters his airy domicile on the 11th. It’s a nice time for Gemini placements, aside from the aforementioned Uranus action. 

The New Moon in Gemini on the 18th squares Neptune, it’s a great time to dream and consider what is possible for the future of whatever part of your chart this is occurring in. Just don’t let yourself get so dazed and confused that you lose the plot entirely. That’s always a worry with Neptune involved. It might work out better if you take the moment to indulge in some escapism. Things can sometimes make more sense from a different perspective. 

Much of the month looks busy but yeah…straightforward. There’s a really nice sextile between Jupiter and Saturn on the 20th, balanced by a super tense square between Mars and Uranus on the 26th. You win some, you lose some. But ultimately, this month is about getting the wheels back on and recalibrating for the next big thing. This is a new landscape, and we all need to keep marching forwards. Just like the ruler of the season, Mercury, who is moving forwards and an immense pace, compensating for all the back and forth over the past months. 

We have our solstice on the 22nd. Summer for the Northern Hemisphere and Winter for the Southern. An important day to recognize as The Sun enters The Moon’s domicile and we officially enter the coldest (or hottest season) of the calendar year.

As always, read from your rising or sect light and all dates are in Melbourne time (AEST). Adjust where necessary. 


It’s full steam ahead this month for Gemini placements. While there are still some strange personal issues that come to a head at the start of the month and you may feel like you need some quality time alone until the 11th, the rest of the month is all about your full-to-the-brim social calendar and shining in the spotlight. You really are out and about. 

There’s a really nice reset coming your way with the Gemini New Moon on the 18th. This looks lush and dreamy if you do it right. Make sure you make a wish. Take some time out to dream of who you can become in this next chapter. What does that new you look and feel like? Mercury is in great shape this month and has a lucky cazemi at the start of July to look forward to. You have so much potential right now, you just need to focus all that energy in the right direction. 

Later this month as your attention shifts from being in the spotlight and your social calendar to your wallet you’ll have some constructive support that allows you to build some longer-term foundations as Saturn supports The Sun and Mercury on their transit through your second house. 


Big changes recently eh? That’s the thing about being ruled by The Moon. Change is the only constant. 

Now we’re out of eclipse season you have a six-month period of recalibration. It’s time to pick up the pieces and keep on keeping on. 

This month, as with most months, we have two lunations. One in Sagittarius, your sixth house, and one in Gemini, your twelfth house. These are the places in your chart that represent your health, enemies, and routines, both mental and physical. The Full Moon on the 4th will likely bring a sort of culmination in these areas. 

The New Moon on the 18th seeds a new era of personal development. Now would be a great time to commit to a new personal practice or even therapy. This is the house of self-undoing and the house of hidden secrets. It’s time to come clean about a few things. That’s the thing about twelfth-house issues, they don’t stay secret forever. Better to be straightforward. 

You have Venus crossing your first house until the 5th. This is a lovely transit that can make you especially attractive and magnetic. After the 5th Venus begins an extended stay in your second house of finances, possessions, and values. You’re going to have to reassess and renegotiate this area of life over the coming months, so keep an eye out for changes around the 5th that start this trajectory off. Venus rules your eleventh house and your fourth house, these parts of your chart represent your social sphere and home life. Both are also up for review under the impending retrograde. 


Lucky you getting to play host to Venus for the next few months eh? During this time you might feel especially attractive or valuable. That’s likely because you are both of those things. Not just right now either. Venus retrogrades aren’t for the faint-hearted. Thankfully you’re well-versed in all things dramatic. 

Venus will retrograde here in your first house from late next month, during this time you may be re-evaluating your aesthetic or the way you engage with creativity or the arts. This may also be a time when old love or creative interests make a re-appearance. It’s nice to remind yourself of what growth has taken place in their absence and what your newfound values are. Venus rules your third house and your tenth house, these are the parts of your chart that represent your skills, neighborhood, and career. These are the topics that may be in disarray with the upcoming retrograde.

Your ruler, The Sun makes a dizzy square with Neptune on the 19th. Not a great time to try to things make sense, lose yourself in the dream instead. Your focus this month will likely be on your friends and social network, and it looks to be a busy one. Later in the month, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to rest and recuperate during The Sun’s annual transit through your twelfth house of solitude and spirituality. Cancer season is a nice time to rest and take stock before everyone’s (your) favorite season, Leo season! 


Career is your major focus for the month with Mercury and The Sun both transiting through your tenth house. Thankfully this is great news for you, as Mercury is in great dignity as the ruler of the season after the 11th of the month. There’s a nice few weeks for you on the way. Prepare for a snafu or some anxiety trigger on the 5th as Mercury crosses paths with Uranus in your ninth house. This may be related to overseas travel or study. 

The 10th and 11th of the month look like they have the potential to take you to the next level and put you in touch with some powerful or influential forces. Mercury makes a sextile to Neptune then a trine with Pluto. You do, however, have a potential roadblock on the 16th when Mercury squares Saturn, and the possibility for some confusion and delusion on the 26th when Mercury squares Neptune. 

Venus is a salve to your personal battles over the coming months as she’ll be spending some time in your twelfth house. This would be a great time to get into some sort of therapy or restorative personal practice. The twelfth house is the house of self-undoing, so Venus here may help you heal from some personal demons or guilt from the past. Venus rules your second house of finances, and your ninth house of education and foreign travel. Those topics are likely to come up for review during her upcoming retrograde as well. 


Venus, your ruling planet enters your eleventh house of friends and future endeavors on the 5th. She’ll stay here for several months. You may need to reevaluate or reconsider your social sphere in a big way at this time. The key to this is to go slow and steady. You’ll go back and forth on things for a while which is honestly nothing new for a Libra anyway. Lucky being diplomatic is a personal strength of yours. 

Venus opposes Pluto on the 6th which may look like a tense revelation of hidden issues and power dynamics. It may just make you feel icky, guilty, or shameful. Never mind though, it’s a pretty quick transit. You’ll be okay. 

You’ll want to know that the upcoming retrograde is all about you. Your look. Your body and your face. It’s also about your shared assets, inheritance, and sexuality. There’s a lot up for review, but this time can be immensely transformative in the long term.

Venus enters Leo on the 5th, and a hazy trine with Neptune in Pisces precedes this ingress. This time may have you feeling idealistic and dreamy. Consider the best outcome for the next few months. You can get there, but things might be a bit off for a while.  

There’s a square with Jupiter on the 12th that may bring shared assets, values, or finances into focus. Particularly how these things can cause tension between friends. This may also be a rude awakening about financial issues affecting your dreams for the future. The best thing to do is to emulate your planetary ruler and go slow for a while and re-consider your recent steps. 


Things are feeling a bit better now Mars is out of Cancer right? It should continue to improve this month, as Mars transits Leo, your tenth house. Career is a major focus right now. Mars is also separating from his recent tense T-square with Jupiter and Pluto across the main axis of your chart. This completed in late May and we’re all glad it’s over. 

Venus also enters your tenth house also on the 5th. This will be the stage of her upcoming retrograde. You’re going to have to reevaluate some aspect of your public life, perhaps it’s the way you present yourself on the world stage. Also up for review during this time are your 1:1 relationships and solitary endeavors. 

This month, shared assets, and sexuality are also top of mind as Mercury and The Sun transit your eighth house. Not a bad time to indulge in a bit of gambling or to get your taxes in order. This is a productive transit. 

The 26th brings an unexpected hurdle as Mars squares Uranus. This will likely play out in your partnerships and career as it’s across your seventh and tenth house. This may present a wild set of circumstances that could be explosive and go from 0-100 pretty quickly. Pace yourself. 

Jupiter is now in your seventh house providing some much-needed stability and blessings to your 1:1 partnerships. This is a great transit for you and something that can provide you with a lot of personal support and benefit over the coming year. You have helpful and wise people in your orbit now, they are here to lift you up to the next level where you belong. 


Our annual Full Moon in your sign occurs on the 4th shining a light on all the personal growth and progress you’ve made recently. It’s been a tough few months with the eclipses running rampant across the houses in your chart that represent your enemies, self-undoing, and health. Additionally, Saturn, the planet of death, karma, and time has set up shop in your fourth house. This is the house of emotions and parents. That’s a hard piece to calibrate. It’ll get easier as you adjust to this new factor. 

The Sun is in your seventh house this month until the 22nd. Your focus is on your 1:1 relationships. Perhaps you’ll meet a bold and exciting new partner, or you’ll just enjoy some bonding with your nearest and dearest. Either way, nice for you. 

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, will be hanging out for the next year in the stable and luxurious sign, Taurus, your sixth house. Expect your coming year to center around your health, daily routines, and work life. This is a time when you can expect solid and rewarding progress in this area of life. Health really is wealth for you now, and the more you lean into this the better things will go for you. 

Venus is soon to retrograde in your ninth house of study and foreign travel. Natally, she rules your fifth and eleventh houses, which are the parts of your chart that represent your creativity, children, friendships, and hopes for the future. These are all topics that will be up for review and revision over the coming months. Remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Work is the topic of the month. Not that that’s unusual for a Capricorn, but this month especially so with Mercury and The Sun transiting through your sixth house. Be sure to focus the same energy you devote to your work as you do your body and health. There’s no point working hard if you can’t enjoy your success healthily and wholeheartedly. 

This month is largely about just getting on with it. Saturn doesn’t make many aspects at all, which isn’t a bad thing as the aspects he does partake in are lovely. Namely a sextile with Jupiter in your fifth house on the 20th, and trines with The Sun and Mercury in your seventh house on the 29th and 30th. These are your romance, creativity, and partnership sectors, so there’s some nice stuff there to enjoy. 

Saturn stations retrograde on the 18th. The same day as the New Moon in Gemini, your sixth house. You’ve upped the ante recently, and it’s time to slow it down a bit. 

Pluto re-enters your first house on the 11th. There is something about the long-term transformation of self you have been exploring since 2008 that isn’t finished yet. You have another several months to complete this before he completely reworks your financial life over the coming decades. Consider the person you want to be. Pluto gives you the power to change now, and it’s usually better to work with him than against him. 

Venus is gearing up for an extended stay in your house of sexuality and shared assets over the next few months. Get ready to revisit some topics here that you thought you had put to bed. Excuse the pun. She rules your career and creativity sectors too, so prepare to reevaluate a few topics related to these parts of your life over the coming months. 


Pluto transits out of your first house on the 11th. How did you like your taste test of what’s coming? Big right?

Saturn stations retrograde on the 18th, and it’s now time to re-evaluate those recent changes to your finances and possessions. Slow and steady always wins the race when Saturn is concerned, and revision is necessary to make solid, long-term progress. 

There may be an unseen hurdle in your home and living situation around the 5th when Mercury joins Uranus, but your fifth house is the main focus this month, so prepare to focus on pleasure and leisure. It’s time for romance and creativity or maybe even children.  

Venus enters your seventh house on the 5th. She’s going to stay here for many months, so prepare for some loving vibes in your 1:1 partnerships, though you will likely make some necessary revisions to this area of life in the coming months, and potentially even see the return of some ghosts from the past. Venus rules your fourth house and ninth house so issues around your home and living situation and foreign travel or study may be pertinent issues over the coming months. 

Jupiter has set up shop in your fourth house for the next year, and there is a lot of really buoyant and stable energy available to you emotionally, and in your home life. You can rest assured Jupiter has your back here and you are supported from the ground up.  


Your home and living situation and your emotional well-being will likely be the focus of this month. Expect some progress in these areas following Mercury’s ingress into Gemini on the 11th. A new start is coming around the 18th of the month with the New Moon in Gemini. Don’t be deceived by events on the 26th when Mercury squares Neptune, as things will improve in a solid and lasting way by the end of the month when Mercury enters Cancer and trines Saturn. 

Jupiter sextiles Saturn on the 20th, bringing you some constrictive support in all your endeavors. This is a really beautiful aspect and one that should help you to feel supported and nurtured. 

Jupiter, your ruling planet, recently entered your third house, which is the house that represents your neighborhood and transit, as well as basic skills and siblings. This is the part of your life that calls your attention and focus over the coming year. It’s time to hone that skillset and maybe make a name for yourself in your local area. 

A powerful player re-enters your social sphere on the 11th. You’re getting a second go at reinventing this part of your life over the next year or so – this can take you to new and unforeseen heights. You have this power, you just need to trust it and go with it. The limit does not exist. 


Your ruling planet, Mars is now out of its fall, Cancer, and moving swiftly through the bold solar sign, Leo. Mars has also cleared the recent T-square with Jupiter and Pluto that was causing you some strife in the later part of May. Things are looking up for Aries placements this month with a lot of support coming from friendly aspects from transits in other fire and air signs. 

The only real issue with your astrology this month is the square between Mars and Uranus on the 26th. This occurs across your second and fifth houses – the parts of your chart that represent your finances and your creative pursuits, children, and romance. The good news is this is only a few days, but it can be quite an abrupt energy to deal with. 

Your energy right now may be focused on your hobbies or romantic life, and these are the topics that are going to be impacted by the upcoming Venus retrograde also. Take stock now. Venus rules your second house of possessions, finances, and values, and also your seventh house of 1:1 relationships. You’ll be doing a lot of re-evaluating your love life and your finances over the coming months, so take some time to consider what you actually want in these areas before your impulsive, reactive side takes over. 


Keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind this month as The Sun and Mercury transit your second house of finances and possessions. Solid, good-quality possessions and stable resources are always the key to maintaining balance as a Taurus. You may get an expected wake-up call with regard to this on the 5th when Mercury conjoins Uranus here. 

There’s a bit of an icky aspect between Venus and Pluto on the 6th which can be a little uncomfortable or even shameful to deal with. This happens right after Venus, your ruling planet, enters your fourth house on the 5th. This is the part of your chart that rules your home, emotions, and parents. She’s gonna be here for a while, and you may find yourself re-evaluating or even redecorating your home and living space. You may also be going back and forth over a relationship with a parent. 

The upcoming retrograde will also bring up topics around your appearance or body, and your work and daily routines. It’s only a short few weeks in the grand scheme of things and you’ll come out better for it. Jupiter is transiting your first house now, so this time is all about your own personal growth. You have wisdom, faith, and the power to expand your horizons, available to you now. Lean into growth because you never know where it can take you. You have Jupiter, the greater benefic, on your side for the next year so the sky really is the limit. 



Image via: @planet_fungi


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