October 31, 2023

I wish I could tell you that after a tumultuous eclipse season, we’re in for an easy ride through to the new year. Unfortunately, the astrology of November isn’t offering much in the way of solace or comfort. 

It’s a very Mars-ey month. Both our lunations heavily feature the planet of war. The Scorpio New Moon on the 13th is conjunct Mars and opposite Uranus, and the Gemini Full Moon on the 27th is opposite Mars. 

Mars resets his two-year-long cycle this month when he conjoins The Sun on the 18th. This is the first time in 32 years that this conjunction has taken place in Scorpio where Mars is especially dignified in a sign of his own rulership. It’s important to remember what Mars signifies and how he functions in our daily lives. Mars is our will, our ambition, our ability to burn bridges and separate when necessary. The four ‘F’s are all Mars’ domain as he rules the adrenals. Sometimes a knife is the right tool, the key is knowing when it’s appropriate to cut. 

Neptune is very much in play all month. If we’re not clever about it, we may be learning about the consequences of going in hot without understanding the whole picture. Keep your wits about you. Neptune loves to blur lines and is great when we want to escape and fantasize, but not so great when we want to be precise and decisive as you usually do when blades or fire are involved. 

November has plenty of harmonious aspects, the issue is that they are between the inner planets and Neptune or Pluto. Oftentimes these types of planetary exchanges actually produce more confusion or reminders of power dynamics that we’d rather be oblivious to. In the best-case scenario, we can indulge in some healthy idealistic visualization and let Mars help motivate us to get there. 

There is one harmonious aspect this month that doesn’t directly involve Pluto or Neptune, and that’s a sextile between Mercury and Venus on the 15th which might allow for some brief respite after Mars and The Sun oppose Uranus in the couple of days leading up to it. 

Not to be all doom and gloom, because it’s months like this that provide the inspiration and the foundation for the better times ahead. This month, as the inner planets head out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius they oppose Uranus and then abruptly square a freshly direct Saturn. The combination of these aspects one after another might be a rocky road, but the destination will be well worth the ride if we hang tight. This is the month of making lasting change. Nothing started and sustained under these conditions is going to weather easily. This is stuff for the long haul. 

Our one saving grace this month is that Venus enters Libra on the 8th and will at least provide some sweetness. Lean into whichever house in your chart Libra sits in to help find some balance. 

As usual, read from your rising sign or sect light. 

All dates/times are in AEDT. 


This month is shaping up to be one of the most pivotal months for you in a long time. Your ruling planet, Mars, is set to make his conjunction with The Sun on the 18th which only happens once every two years. There’s also a New Moon in your sign on the 13th. This period of time may provide you with some potent insights about how you want to move forward in the long term. Don’t underestimate the importance of the 18th, the date of the Mars cazemi. 

Venus is dignified in your twelfth house providing you with some balance that you can access through alone time, so lean on private, self-soothing practices if you need to. The twelfth house is your mental health house and the part of your chart that can lead you to self-sabotage. Venus’ transit through this house should salve any burns that October’s eclipse left you with. 

There are some tense dates this month – you’ve got some sudden chaos due to take place around the 12th. This might be especially anxiety-producing. The 23rd might also prove to be quite tense and frustrating as Mars goes up against Saturn. There’s no easy way through, so don’t try to force an impossible situation. 


The only exact aspect your ruling planet, Jupiter, is involved in this month is an opposition with The Sun on the 3rd. This might put you in a face-off with a leadership or authority figure. Someone needs to compromise. 

Following that, the month looks very introspective. Jupiter is still retrograde, and you have three inner planets traversing the area of your chart that represents your mental health and solo endeavors. The spotlight is on your own tendency to self-sabotage, and allowing you to revise and heal from past mistakes. You may find some insight in this area around the 18th. 

It’s all about to happen though. Everyone is coming to play. Not immediately, but soon enough you and your personal relationships will be in the spotlight. Pretty soon you’ll be playing host to Mercury, The Sun, and Mars. Unfortunately, the start of the party is a bit of a bummer, as they have to square Saturn in Pisces as they ingress, but after that, the fun will begin. Maybe that’s something to look forward to for next month though. 

You have Venus dignified in your eleventh house from the 8th onwards, this should provide some optimism about your future, as well as some social pleasantries. Lean into thinking about your best-case scenario for your future. Maybe brainstorm your hopes and dreams with a friend.


If you’ve felt like you’re not really moving forward recently, that’s likely because your ruling planet, Saturn has been retrograde for the past few months. On the 4th, that changes, so prepare to be back in full force once Saturn stations direct. The introspection and revision are about to pay off. 

You get a big reset around your future aspirations and/or friendships this month. There’s a New Moon in your eleventh house on the 13th, and then on the 18th Mars makes his conjunction with The Sun here also. This is a once-in-32-year reset for you, so don’t take it lightly. Ask yourself, what do you really want for yourself? How are you going to build it, and are you prepared to fight for it?

Mercury squares Saturn on the 11th, which might feel a little like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. There are also some irritating days in the last week of the month when The Sun and Mars square Saturn after entering Sagittarius. Don’t let this rock you, it’s just a few days. Don’t count on the 23rd-26th going smoothly. 

Your career or public image is looking especially dignified after the 8th as Venus enters Libra. This should help any recent developments from eclipse season take shape and move along smoothly.


Venus is in Libra, your ninth house from the 8th of this month onwards, supporting your sign by trine. This is a lovely saving grace and should provide you with some fortification and balance for a potentially challenging month. 

A major reset is about to take place in your career and public image sector as Mars conjoins The Sun on the 18th. This follows a New Moon here on the 13th. Think about what you’d like to build here long term. How do you want to see and be seen? This conjunction hasn’t happened here in the last 32 years so don’t underestimate its importance. 

Saturn stations direct on the 4th, meaning you’ll be set to make progress for the first time in a long while. All that retrospection is about to start making sense. 

Three inner planets enter your eleventh house, Sagittarius, this month, all of which square Saturn upon their ingress. This part of your chart is the place that represents your hopes and wishes for the future, as well as your social circle. The entry of these planets might produce some brief irritation due to the aforementioned square, which could potentially originate from your friends or alliances. Dates to be aware of are the 11th, 23rd, and 26th. 


Saturn stations direct in your sign on the 4th providing a potent reminder of the heavy burden you have on board for the next couple of years. There’s no time to dream when the weight of the world is on your shoulders. But then again, maybe that’s the best time to dream. 

Your ruler, Jupiter is only involved in one aspect this month and that’s an opposition with The Sun on the 3rd. This date might have you facing off with a leader or authority figure. 

Neptune is in your sign, as he has been for more than a decade at this point, and this month he’s making some dreamy but potentially confusing aspects with almost all the planetary players. This might leave you just as mystified as others, so try to not stress about it right now. It’ll make more sense once the smoke clears. Perhaps by the time Saturn squares Mars and The Sun on the 26th. Fun. 

There’s a lot taking place in your ninth house this month. Not only are there three inner planets traversing this part of your chart for the first part of the month, but there is a New Moon here on the 13th and a Mars cazemi on the 18th. This is the part of your chart that concerns your higher learning, travel, and religion. Prepare for a major reset around these topics this month. 

Venus enters your eighth house on the 8th. You’ll be able to find some helpful balance this month from shared resources, sex, or a little gambling. Saturn moving direct in your sign should help your poker face. 


Quite the month ahead for you, Aries. 

Your ruling planet, Mars, is in for a major reset. The 13th brings a New Moon in your eighth house, followed by a Mars Cazemi that hasn’t happened here for 32 years. Your eighth house, Scorpio, is where these resets are taking place. This is the area of your chart that represents your shared assets, gambling, inheritance, and sexuality. You’re about to enter a major new beginning in these parts of your life. Buckle up. 

You have Venus coming into your seventh house of 1:1 partnerships on the 8th. This is by far the most harmonious element of the month, so enjoy some lovely balance and respite via your nearest and dearest. This transit will likely mitigate some of the more difficult elements of the month, and enable you to conduct yourself a little more harmoniously in your personal interactions. 

Mars squares Saturn on the 26th, which is likely the most tense and frustrating part of the month for you. Brace yourself, it’s only a short transit. 


Lucky you, Taurus, your ruling planet, Venus, is about to shift into Libra. Here she’ll have much better dignity and you’ll certainly feel more resourceful and capable from the 8th of the month onward. 

Libra is your sixth house, this is the part of your chart that is concerned with your health, routines, and work. Here you’ll be able to find balance to get you through a potentially challenging month. 

You’re recovering from the last lunar eclipse at the end of October. This closed a long chapter that involved how you show up in the world. You have the opportunity to revisit these themes, particularly how you relate to your significant 1:1 partners during the New Moon on the 13th. Did you let go of what you needed to in October? This coming New Moon will provide some liberation if so, might be tense if not. 

This Month you’re being asked to focus on your partnerships, particularly how you show up in them and your relationship to your own shadow. Mars is resetting a two-year cycle this month in Scorpio. You may find some much-needed clarity around these topics on the 18th.  


Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in for a big month. He enters the sign of his detriment, Sagittarius, and squares off with Saturn in the process. Neither is ideal, but the benefit of Mercury being in Sagittarius is an uptick in optimism that comes at the loss of the attention to detail that his previous transit through Scorpio provided in spades. 

Sagittarius is your seventh house of 1:1 relationships of course, and this is likely where the focus will be for you this month after the 10th, especially as Mercury shares a lovely sextile with Venus on the 15th. 

You have a major reset taking place this month in your work, routines, and health sector. You may be rearranging some lifestyle practices that’ll have some major long-term benefits. Take your time and map out some lifestyle goals. Not only is there a New Moon here in Scorpio on the 13th, but Mars is resetting a two-year cycle here on the 18th. It’s time for a fresh new work or health journey. 

There’s a spicy Full Moon in your sign later this month on the 27th. Mars is in your seventh house by this point, and the lunation opposes him. If you can’t handle the heat it might be time to get out of the kitchen for a couple of days. Try not to take out your angst on your partner.


As you’re ruled by The Moon you might have thought things would get easier after eclipse season. This year you couldn’t be more wrong. Both lunations this month heavily involve Mars. As they say, there’s no rest for the wicked. 

You have Venus transiting your fourth house from the 8th of the month onwards. This should provide you with some nice emotional balance and solace that is particularly noticeable at home. Lean into making your home as relaxing and indulgent as possible, it’ll pay off in dividends. 

You’re going to have a big reset happening through the middle part of the month in your fifth house. This is your romance, creativity, and procreation sector. You’re resetting a two-year cycle in terms of personal motivations, and a new 32-year chapter in this part of your chart. Consider what motivates you in these areas of life, how do you find joy? Make a pact with yourself that you’ll be more proactive about finding it moving forward. The Mars cazemi on the 18th is a great time to consider the longer term. 


After a heavy month of eclipses, this month very much functions as a reset and reboot for you. I bet you realized a few things in October. Now’s the time to action these as necessary. 

Your ruling planet, The Sun, spends much of the month in your fourth house, as it does during this time every year. The difference is that this month there’s a big change happening in this area of your life. The fourth house is the place of your chart that represents your home and living situation, as well as your private emotional state. The Sun joins Mars here in Scorpio on the 18th, shortly after The New Moon which also occurs here. The Sun is also trine Neptune on this date, enabling you to dream and consider your ideal goals and possibilities here for the future. What would your dream home look like? What would it feel like to live there? Realization is the first step.

This month may feel like a tipping point of sorts, but hopefully not a boiling point. Sudden and unexpected changes are likely. Be prepared and trust that all of this will make sense once the Neptunian fog passes. 

After The Sun enters Sagittarius on the 23rd you should be more motivated by your own joy. The fifth house is the place of creativity, play, romance, and procreation, so enjoy Sagittarius season – you’ll certainly deserve it by this point!


They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Whether or not that’s true I can’t say. What I can say though, is that on the 4th Saturn stations direct in your seventh house of partnerships and things are about to get serious. Saturn usually says ‘No’, so just be prepared for a delay, a negation, or a boundary being re-instated in this area of your life this month. 

Mercury, your ruler, opposes Uranus on the 5th. This day might be especially anxiety-provoking or just plain strange. Following that, he trines Neptune on the 7th. Stay away from the delusional bitch juice this month, Neptune can make us especially idealistic or simply unable to see the forest for the trees. There’s a square with Neptune coming up on the 28th also, this might just be the month of delusion and confusion for you, Virgo. Ride it out, it’s all you can do. 

The main event of the month is a major reset happening in your third house on the 18th. This is the start of a new paradigm around the way you communicate and engage in your most basic of habits. Maybe you’d like to write something or learn a new skill. Have a think about what would be the most productive way forward. You’re good at that. 


Lucky you, Libra, this month you have your ruler, Venus, coming home to roost. She enters your sign on the 8th and will stay for the rest of the month. This very much feels like coming back to self. 

Unfortunately, that alone won’t allow you to bypass the month of turbulent astrology but may help you find balance amidst the chaos. There’s a nice sextile between Mercury and Venus on the 15th that should put you on the right track. 

Venus opposes Neptune on the 7th which may feel like a bit of a fever dream, consider just going with it and spending a day lost in your own thoughts. Dare to dream because you’re not going to get much else done. Especially considering Venus trines Pluto on the same day. 

You have Mars resetting his 2-year-long cycle in your second house of assets and values on the 18th. Consider your money and your relationship to it. What motivates you to earn? How is the way you feel about yourself and the world reflected by your worldly possessions and bank account? Remember, you don’t need to impress anyone except yourself.


image via: @ihategum

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