September 10, 2022

Rinse n’ repeat

Remember back in March when I was saying what a great opportunity the Pisces New Moon was, and reminding you all to do something with it? Well, if you are paying attention, you might notice the culmination of those intentions during our annual Piscean Full Moon tonight. 

All this mutability brings change. It’s not linear, manageable change either. You may be feeling pulled in too many directions at once, it’s confusing and unsettling, especially with manic Mars in Gemini to contend with. Give yourself a break this Full Moon and enjoy your progress. 

If the current Piscean lunations weren’t foggy enough with Neptune in play, we’ve also got Mercury stationing retrograde in Libra concurrently. The Moon is applying to a conjunction with Neptune during this full Moon, so it’s likely to feel hazy, lazy, and send us headfirst into whatever escapism appeals most to us. Jupiter in Aries rules the lunation, he is currently playing a game of see-saw with Mercury in Libra. With this set of astrological circumstances, it’s very easy to get lost in the daydream – and honestly, why not? 

The more you release into the Piscean ‘chum in the water’ mentality, and let the ‘verse throw you where it will, really the better off you’ll be this week. Sometimes you just need to throw up your hands and let Jesus take the wheel. It is what it is – whatever that means. 

Honestly, I don’t hate this astrological situation. A nice little break from reality might be just the ticket. Prior to the Full Moon going exact, the Moon squares Mars in Gemini, which adds a little spice and energy to the otherwise very blurry vibe. This feels like trying to navigate at top speed underwater in a device that you didn’t carefully read the instructions for. You might be juggling so much that you miss crucial components of your task, or forget to shut down your computer for so long that it just gives up and slows down to the point you need to force quit. 

It’s truly retrograde season – Venus and Mars are the only planets not currently walking backward. Mars is already well into his shadow phase. This is a great time to reimagine and recreate; things aren’t always as set in stone as we’d think, minds aren’t as made up, and there’s definitely still time to work things out.

Mercury stationed retrograde earlier today in Libra. This retrograde will last until the 2nd of October and will honestly feel like the most retrograde-y retrograde we’ve had in a while. During the retrograde cycle, he will work his way back to late Virgo where he will almost exactly oppose Neptune; this is a confusing aspect we experienced in late August. Neptune loves to blur the lines of reality and fantasy, which is a nightmare for data-driven Mercury, especially in the most practical sign of the zodiac, Virgo. Mercury also opposes Jupiter exactly three times throughout this retrograde cycle. It’s a good time to check in on your ideals and philosophies and to work out what you believe and why. 

Jupiter, the ruler of tonight’s Full Moon, is in the bold martial sign of Aries where he doesn’t often consider the opinion of others before committing to the bit. Aries is very much a “just fucking do it” energy, whereas diplomatic Mercury in Libra puts maintaining social harmony pretty high on his priority list. What matters do you stay silent on to appease the status quo? What beliefs do you hold that keep you socially ‘safe’? While this retrograde is mostly about our relationships, given that it starts in Libra, we’re likely to see some ideological tensions during this cycle, especially with the 2021 Saturn Uranus square almost exact again at the end of the month. 

Whoever said ‘If you love something let it go, and if it’s meant to be it’ll come back clearly never understood astrology or the Mercury retrograde cycle. Prepare for the inevitable few weeks of re-dos, re-visits, and surprise re-entries of people that pop in just to remind you why you let them go in the first place. Venus is in early Virgo and opposes the Moon prior to today’s lunation. While Venus is technically in her fall in Virgo, this transit might be our saving grace with all of this mutable madness going on. Venus in Virgo is the most nitpicky, meticulous placement possible. If any placement could ever offer us discernment and help us discriminate productively, this is the one. While Mercury retrograde and Mars in Gemini are enough to send almost anyone over the edge, Venus in Virgo might just be the necessary salve to our chaotic predicament. 

Tomorrow we have a nice trine between The Sun and Uranus. Expect the weekend to feel inspiring and dreamy. This is a nice time to escape into the fantasy of what things could be. If you can picture it, you might just be able to do it. With Neptune in play, the limit truly does not exist…Think back to what you began in March at the Pisces New Moon. Do you see a return on your investment? Did you achieve what you intended to? If not, this retrograde season is a great time to revisit your ideas. Let yourself get distracted with daydreams and escape into fantasy. Dreams are, after all, a form of planning.


Chart via Astrogold software, set for Melbourne, Australia

Image via @viancasoleil




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