October 9, 2022

This is the last lunation before we enter a gnarly eclipse season and the much anticipated Mars retrograde. 

Mars is the ruler of the lunation, and The Moon is applying to a sextile with her bold (and almost stationary) ruler in Gemini, as well as with Saturn in Aquarius. Positive aspects to both malefics fortify this Full Moon and make it the last potentially productive lunation for some time. 

This Aries Full Moon links back to the New Moon we had at the start of April. Are you seeing a culmination of those themes and wishes now?

The Aries Libra axis is always about the inherent push and pull between self-interest and people-pleasing. While Aries implores us to pull the trigger, and just do the thing, Libra would prefer we consider all possible ramifications and others’ perceptions of our actions before acting at all. You can’t keep all your wishes on ice just because it makes for a prettier picture. 

Self-interest is the engine of progress, but we all (well, most of us) live in a society. Willful disregard for societal expectations is usually a disservice to the self, ultimately. Unfortunately, you can’t really achieve much all by yourself, and whether we like it or not our actions will always impact others somehow – for better or for worse. 

Where have you been letting your self-interest get in the way of maintaining social harmony? Or have you been sacrificing your own needs to placate others? 

The Sun is in Libra, with his current ruler, Venus, reminding us that maintaining balance and weighing up our true motivations is an integral issue at this time. This is something we may be struggling with as Venus is under the beams and compromised by her proximity to The Sun. With Mars getting ready to station now is a good time to take personal stock, make sure you have the adrenal resources to stand the tests of the upcoming retrograde. 

If you need an excuse to be selfish, this is it. Take some time for yourself – you can’t make everyone happy all the time, but you can certainly make more people happy more of the time if you are coming from a place of personal health and well-being. Take the action now to support you in the longer term. Use the productive influence of Saturn and Mars to draw boundaries, and cut out what you don’t need or what you can’t handle. You’ll thank me later.


Chart via Astrogold software, set for Melbourne, Australia

Image via @sergio_guijarro


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