August 27, 2022

New Moons always zap our energy, but the addition of a square from manic Mars in Gemini will be sure to add some invigoration. Now is the time to intentionally remove that which impedes your ability for future growth. What’s holding you back from achieving your goals? 

Mars squaring the New Moon implies that action is necessary. Virgo is Mercury’s sign of service and healing, and while Mercury is the planet of communication and reciprocity, you can’t be of service to anyone if you don’t honor your own needs first. Use this time to intentionally recalibrate and restore. Cut it out before it cuts you out. Blow the whistle. Intentionally start fresh. Virgo implores us to be critical, to be meticulous. It’s time to edit your life and do some much-needed pruning; sometimes your happiness depends on somebody else’s disappointment.



Mars has been in Gemini for a week, and we’re getting used to the energy that will be present until March next year. What has come up for you around this ingress? Pay attention to whichever house Gemini is in your natal chart, this will be the stage for the Mars retrograde later this year. Gemini is a fast, dynamic sign, capable of experiencing everything all at once. Mars’ presence is only going to increase the pace and add more combative energy. We may speak before thinking, or feel like our energy is being pulled in too many directions. Mars Mercury combinations can be funny, witty motormouths. They can also produce intense levels of cringe, and unintentionally (or intentionally) offend. Be careful with your words.

We now have five planets in retrograde, and Mercury is soon to join the party. Mercury is in shadow, and we will retread these same steps again in a few short weeks. Not taking heed and stock right now may result in burnout. Pay attention to issues that come up during the next fortnight as these may require re-dos over the coming weeks.

Mercury has just entered Libra, where they have little dignity as compared to their exaltation in Virgo. During this lunation we have another tense aspect perfecting; Venus square, the recently retrograde, Uranus. Libra and Virgo can both be perfectionistic in different ways. Libra wants social and aesthetic perfection for diplomacy and peace, and Virgo wants intellectual perfection for cerebral tidiness and practical sense. Life is messier than we would sometimes like, there’s no escaping that. Mercury Venus stuff always tempts us with social pleasantries and maintaining a sometimes false image of perfection. More fun can be had though, by embracing the messiness of life. In that messiness we find authenticity. Thankfully the unruly aspects involving Mars and Uranus will force that of us; we won’t have much of a choice but to roll with the punches. 

In the next couple of days, Venus will oppose Saturn. Venus is completing the same T-square that the Sun and Mercury recently did, activating the not-so-latent Saturn Uranus square. Saturn Venus generally feels lonely and can make it harder to give and feel love. Saturn brings lessons, and when Venus and Saturn connect it’s good to remember that the greatest lesson we can learn as human beings is to love and be loved in return. If you’re feeling the isolation that comes from distance and delays, or if you’re feeling the heaviness of loss and duty, remember it’s only a short transit. You’ll feel better in a few days.

Addition through subtraction is the key here, you’ll be better off by cutting off excess branches now before they drain all your energy and capacity for new growth. You don’t want to overcomplicate things now, try to find bliss in simplifying your situation.


Chart via: Astrogold, set for Melbourne, Australia

Image via: @gawler_orchid_club

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