February 28, 2023

March 2023 brings more change than perhaps any other month of 2023. This truly is the threshold to a big new chapter for us all, collectively, and in our individual lives. We haven’t had one like this in a long while. 

The month starts with a bang as we have our annual Venus-Jupiter conjunction on the 2nd, and this year it’s in Aries. This should bring a surge of much-needed energy and a fab time to kick something off. 

Venus enters her earthy domicile, Taurus, on the 17th. This is the first time in three years we are able to fully enjoy this transit without a hard aspect from Saturn spoiling the fun.

Fixed signs are all breathing a sigh of relief as Saturn enters Pisces this month on the 8th. This is the end of a transit that began back in 2020, and a chapter of our lives many of us would rather move on from. This also ends Saturn’s transits through his two domiciles, Capricorn and Aquarius. A Piscean Saturn is a different flavor entirely, one that is decidedly softer and more malleable. 

The tribalism and dogmatism we’ve seen over the past few years during Saturn’s transit through Aquarius will likely soften, and we’ll be able to all just get along – or something. At the very least the walls between us will blur and dissolve a little. The copresence of Saturn and Neptune over the coming years may just help us forgive the sins of the previous transit, and will likely bring some interesting twists to our concept of reality. 

Aquarius gets labeled as the ‘humanitarian’ of the zodiac but in my opinion, that title belongs more truly to our humble Pisceans, who really can see the good in everyone and are the real peacekeepers. Piscean boundaries are a lot less rigid and uncompromising (read: non-existent). Compromise is a prerequisite for the tasks ahead…

Pluto dips into Aquarius for a short while this year. The ingress occurs on the 23rd of March, and he will leave via retrograde on June 11th. This is a taste test of what is to come next year and for the coming two decades. Because Pluto moves so slowly as he trawls the shadowy depths of our collective psyche, none of us have experienced this transit before. This is the future. 

Mars finally leaves Gemini on the 25th after seven months in the sign, which included, of course, a tumultuous retrograde and two (soon to be three) squares with Neptune. This should bring some respite to those of us with air-dominant charts. Mars enters the sign of his fall, Cancer, meaning the water signs now have not one, but two malefics in their triplicity. Fun. 

Without further ado, here are your monthly horoscopes: 


  • Dates are in AEDT and may vary depending on your timezone
  • Read from your rising sign or sect light



The month starts off pretty nicely as your ruling planet, Jupiter, meets his fellow benefic, Venus, on the 2nd in your second house of values, finances, and resources. This may present as a few extra dollars in your bank account, a flashy new item, or just a bold feeling of worthiness and a boost to your self-esteem. 

Things are about to change in a big way for you, and this month marks a monumental shift. It’s all about to get a lot more serious. Saturn enters your sign on the 8th where he’ll stay until 2025. Saturn invariably brings constriction, maturation, and limitation. This may dull your usually expansive shine slightly, but may just offer a level of commitment and practicality that you are normally lacking. This can be a very productive transit, though it can feel heavy at times. Think of a worthy three-year-long project to dedicate yourself to. Expect to spend this transit restructuring yourself for the better, mentally and physically. You will likely take on much more personal responsibility during this time, and become a lot more resilient. Rest assured that It’s nothing you’re not ready for. 

This month also highlights your relationships as you have a full Moon in your seventh house on the 7th, which may stir up some of the challenging emotions that have been dialed up over the past several months.  This month you’re ready to make a change and truly ready to commit to, and prioritize your own needs and values. Mars moves out of your fourth house on the 25th, and you’ll likely feel a lot less all over the place and burned out emotionally after this. In any case – the spotlight is on you for the first half of the month, so live it up and enjoy!


Things have been all over the place for a while huh? More than usual, anyway. Well, by the end of this month, things will start to move forwards. Your ruling planet, Mars, leaves Gemini and enters Cancer on the 25th. You’ll finally get some respite from all of the scattered communication, and potential issues with transit and siblings that the past seven months have brought into focus. What comes next is the emotional processing of the past few months. 

Cancer can be a pretty morose place for Mars, and you may feel the need to enter a relax and restore phase for a few weeks at the end of the month –  Cancer is your fourth house, the place in your chart that represents your emotions, as well as your home and living situation. 

There’s a new Moon on the 22nd, right after the Sun and Mercury enter your sign. It’s all about you because it’s Aries season! Aries season is always a great time of year because it’s the Sun’s exaltation. This year it’ll be even better with Jupiter copresent in Aries. 

Pay attention to a change in power play in your social sphere from the 23rd of the month until June. That’s Pluto giving you a taste of what the next decade or two will have in store for you.

Venus enters your second house on the 17th, which is good news for your finances, values, and resources, perhaps even bringing some unexpected gains at the end of the month. Venus is in her own sign, Taurus, so this transit is a nice boost for your two Venusian houses, which are your money and relationship sectors. 


Your ruling planet Venus meets up with Jupiter in Aries on the 2nd giving you a bit of personal oomph to kick off your month with. 

You have some major changes developing in your career and social circles this month, as Saturn transits out of your tenth house and into your eleventh. The responsibility and pressure of the past three years in your career or public life will ease off, and instead, you’ll likely see a pruning or maturation phase begin in your group of friends or social network. Perhaps you’re about to take on some responsibility in this area of life over the next three years. 

Now Saturn is gone, your career or public reputation is about to start transforming. This will be a long-term transit over the next two decades. Pluto enters Aquarius and you get a taste of this between March 23rd and June 11th this year. Plutonian themes like power, ‘shadow-self’, or shame may become big themes in this area of life.

Mars is finally moving out of your financial sector at the end of the month, so you can expect the uncertainty and potential losses that the past seven months have yielded in this part of your life to subside at this time. Mars moves into your third house on the 25th, so expect car trouble instead. 

This month on the 17th your sign ruler, Venus is home. This is a lovely transit, made even better by the fact Saturn is by this time in a mutable sign and no longer casting judgment from a sign-based square. You may look and feel especially beautiful and magnetic at this time as Venus is transiting the part of your chart that is all about you. Venus joins Uranus at the end of the Month in Taurus, yielding unexpected and potentially shocking aesthetic results. If you’re not looking to make these sorts of changes perhaps reschedule your hair or eyebrow appointment. 


The best part of this month is that Mars is finally out of your sign as of the 25th. The worst part of the month is the entry of Mars into your second house, your finance and resource sector, where he may cost you a bit more than you bargained for.

The month starts with a nice boost to your partnerships or romantic relationships as Jupiter, the ruler of your seventh house, meets Venus in Aries. This conjunction occurs in your eleventh house, providing some productive and bold energy to your social sphere or network. 

You’ll be able to soon start recovering from the burnout from the past seven months, but you need to evaluate how this has emotionally impacted you. Mars entering cancer may stir up some negative feelings around self-worth as this part of your chart also deals with values and self-esteem. Think of ways you can rid yourself of values or possessions that you’ve outgrown. 

Mercury is not in a great situation this month, but things should start to ease up after the 17th when he makes his superior conjunction with The Sun. Mercury is in Pisces for most of the month, which isn’t his favorite place to be. Things should feel more straightforward and aligned after the 19th when he enters Aries and can finally tell it like it is. 

Meanwhile, things are getting very serious in your career and public life, and new limits are upon you from the 8th when Saturn enters your tenth house. This is a three-year transit and you will likely gain more responsibility, face ‘growing pain’ type challenges, and mature in this area of your life. 

The spotlight is on your career, and social circle this month. It’s a nice time to set some longer-term career goals as this will be the area of life receiving major restructuring moving forwards – it pays to be intentional. 


Pluto moves out of your seventh house this month, for the first time since 2008, and while this means fewer power struggles with the proverbial ‘other’ in your life, it also means big changes to shared assets, investments, and values over the coming years. If you haven’t seen any discernable growth in these areas for the past few years you can thank Saturn, who has been restricting this area. Saturn moves into Pisces, your ninth house, on the 8th, and Pluto moves into your eighth house on the 23rd where he will stay until June this year. Pluto will spend the next two decades trawling and transforming your shared values and assets, so consider this a short taster of what’s to come. 

Saturn is going to be restructuring your higher learning, and religious ideation over the coming years. This transit may bring a commitment to a serious course of study or a major re-evaluation of personal philosophies and beliefs. 

Mars enters your first house on the 25th, which can bring some bold new energy and the drive to kick things off in a new direction. It can also make you crabby af because Mars and The Moon’s domicile, Cancer, are two completely incongruous archetypes. This is the sign of Mars’ fall. What place does a warrior have in a nursery? Exercise is a great idea during this transit as a way to dispel the additional energy, just to be sure this doesn’t manifest itself as passive aggression toward your nearest and dearest or steam coming out of your ears. 

Mid-month is a bit messy for you, starting at the Full Moon in Virgo on the 7th which stirs up the mutable madness of the past seven months. This is in your third house, the area of your chart that rules your communication, skills, and local transit. Not a great time to have a serious conversation as it may leave things even more confused than before. 

The New Moon in Aries on the 22nd should be more straightforward and this signals a new phase beginning in your career or public life. Set some goals at this time. This new Moon is the last one before an eclipse series across your tenth and fourth houses, signaling major changes to your career as well as your home and living situation. Buckle up, baby!


Mid-month may have you feeling blurry, creative, and idealistic as The Sun makes his annual conjunction with Neptune on the 16th, but rest assured that you’ll be feeling back to your bold and empowered self after the 21st once The Sun enters Aries, it’s exaltation, and is back in your triplicity. 

This ingress, and the New Moon that follows kick off a new chapter related to your personal studies, foreign travel, or your religion and personal philosophy. This area of your chart is especially booming this month, so keep an eye out for a new opportunity on the 2nd, when Venus joins Jupiter. 

Saturn leaves Aquarius on the 8th, ending the 3-year-long period of heaviness in your relationships. This may have presented as a dry spell, or a period of seriousness, maturation, and responsibility in your partnerships. Pluto enters this area of your chart on the 23rd, bringing a taste of an incredibly transformative energy and a new power dynamic that will last the next couple of decades. 

For the next three years, Saturn will be bringing new structure and responsibility to the area of your chart responsible for your shared resources and assets. What values, income, or possessions do you share with your partners in life and business? Things are about to get serious. 

Venus enters your tenth house of career and public life on the 17th, making this a great time to shine in this area of your life. You’ve done the work, now put yourself out there and reap the rewards! See and be seen. 

The Full Moon on the 7th calls your personal assets, resources, and values into question, and will be the culmination of a longer-term venture in this part of your life. What goal are you now seeing the fruits of? This lunation churns up some of the chaos and instability that have impacted your social sphere and income over the past seven months, so be patient until the dust settles. Mars exits the social area of your chart on the 25th, bringing some much-needed respite. You should be able to enjoy some newfound peace in your social network from the end of the month onward.


Mutable signs haven’t been able to catch a break lately, and I wish I could tell you that that’s about to change…Okay, it’ll get slightly better, you just have to make it through the first two-thirds of the month before that happens. Mercury, your ruling planet is not in the best mood this month due to spending much of it invisible under the Suns’ beams. This may ease up after the 17th when he makes his superior conjunction with The Sun.  

There’s a wild and potentially confusing Full Moon in your sign on the 7th which brings to a head the confusing boiling plate of Mars-Neptune action from the past seven months. This was impacting mainly your career and personal relationships. The final Mars Neptune square is on the 15th and things should ease off after then. Mars finally exits your career sector on the 25th, ending the period of scattered focus and exhausting action in this area of your life. 

Saturn leaves your work and routines sector on the 8th, and enters your seventh house, playing tag with Pluto who enters your sixth house on the 23rd. What this means is that you’re about to enter a new chapter of serious and responsible relationships; sometimes this looks like a 3 year long dry spell, and sometimes this looks like a new level of commitment and maturity in this area of life. In both cases, more responsibility, structure, and maturity is coming for you in your partnerships. 

Pluto entering your sixth house may kick off some interesting power dynamics in your work life that will carry through over the next two decades – keep an eye out for changes in this area from the 23rd onward. 

Mercury is in your seventh house for the first part of the month, from the 3rd – the 19th. Expect your focus to be on your partnerships during this time, lots of changes and restructuring are taking place here right now as this coincides with Saturn’s ingress. Things should get a little more straightforward and streamlined after the 19th when Mercury moves into Aries and you can focus on your shared resources and sex life.


We start the month with a conjunction between Jupiter and Venus in your relationship sector, which is a really nice vibe to start the month with.

Venus, your ruling planet, enters its earthy domicile, Taurus, on the 17th, which is a nice shift in dignity. You can expect some pleasantries in your shared assets or sex life. Venus joins Uranus at the end of the month, which can bring some out-of-the-blue surprises in this area too – you have been warned.

There’s a New Moon in Aries, your seventh house on the 22nd when you are starting a new chapter in your 1:1 relationships. Keep an eye out for changes on this date, or even set some intentions around what you want in your partnerships – both personal and in business. 

You have had some major challenges and restructuring in the area of your chart that deals with your creativity, children, and romance over the past three years. Now it’s time to appreciate how much growth you have had! Pluto dips into this same space of your chart on the 23rd which brings the opportunity to truly transform this area of your life over the coming two decades. Reflect on how creation or procreation can change you, or you have changed through it. Consider a longer-term project in this area, particularly around dealing with your shadow self or shame in a creative and beautiful way. 

Saturn is entering your sixth house of work and daily routines on the 8th. Now is a great time to dial in your health and well-being. Expect more responsibility and structure at work during the next 3 years, but it’s nothing you aren’t prepared for – you’ve got this! 


Your ruling planet, Mars has been off the rails recently due to a seven-month-long stay in Gemini which included a retrograde. The good news is that the extended stay is nearly over. The bad news is, there are a few more weeks left. Mars makes his final square with Neptune on the 15th, this is the last intensification of that frustratingly foggy, unclear vibe you have been experiencing for the past several months. This aspect would have been especially apparent in your romantic and creative life, as well as in terms of your shared values and resources. 

Mars enters Cancer on the 25th, which brings a more straightforward if a little more emotional shift. You’ll likely be processing the tumultuous chapter just gone. 

Saturn enters your fifth house on the 8th, signaling the start of a three-year chapter and a newfound seriousness with regard to romance, creativity, and children. Is there a creative project that you want to commit to in a real way? Now is a great time to begin that, as this part of your life is due for an overhaul over the coming years. 

Big transformative changes in home and family that’ll last the next two decades begin on the 23rd of the month. Pluto enters your fourth house and may dredge up some shameful emotions, or latent power dynamics. Nothing a Scorpio can’t handle though. 

You have a bit of pleasant action in your personal partnerships this month too as Venus, the ruler of Taurus, your seventh house enters on the 17th. Expect some curve balls in this area later in the month as she makes conjunctions with the north node and Uranus. 

We end the month with a sobering trine between Saturn in Pisces and Mars in Cancer, signaling a productive confluence between your creative and academic, philosophical, or travel-related endeavors. Things are in better shape by the end of the month, though it might feel a year-long…


This month kicks off with a nice little energetic bang as Jupiter, your ruling planet makes his annual conjunction with Venus on the 2nd in Aries. Expect to feel this pay off in your romantic or creative life, or even in relation to your children. 

Mars is moving out of your seventh house of partnerships on the 25th, so expect any confusing tension in this part of your life to finally subside at this time. There is still one more square between Mars and Neptune on the 15th which signals the last peak in the turbulence that’s impacted your home and living situation, as well as your partnerships for the last seven months. Mutable signs have had a tumultuous time recently, and this month is the last of that heated action for a while. 

A wild full moon on the 7th takes place in Virgo, your tenth house of career and public image. This is a culmination point where you will see the fruits of past labor evident, though they may come in the form of a bit of a mess initially. 

Saturn enters your fourth house on the 8th – this signals the start of a chapter of newfound responsibility and maturity with regard to your home, parents, and family life. This month is really all about that theme, as this coincides with the last bit of the Sun’s transit through Pisces also. Saturn should provide some of the stability that’s been missing over the past eight months with all this mutable madness, but invariably brings with us some element of constriction, limitation, or loss to this area of life. 

This month you get two treats – the Jupiter-Venus conjunction at the beginning, and Mars exiting Gemini at the end. Sometimes the addition of a good thing is just as nice as the removal of a bad thing.


After enduring seven years of your ruling planet in his own signs, a new dawn is upon us! On the 8th Saturn enters Pisces, your third house of communication, skills, and transit. You’ve had to be rigid and responsible during the past seven years, especially as Saturn has recalibrated your personal values and finances over the past three years. You can expect to be a bit more malleable and creative with Saturn entering a water sign (as much as a Capricorn can be either of those things, that is). 

Those lessons recently learned through Saturn’s transit through Aquarius are now going to be tested as Pluto transits the same sign over the coming two decades. Your values, assets, and financial life are now going to be subjected to a test of power and will, this has the potential to completely transform both your financial and value systems. Be prepared, and keep an eye out for changes between the 23rd of March and the 11th of June as we get a little taste of what’s to come. 

Mars creates a bit more confusing chaos in your work life mid-month before entering your relationship sector on the 25th. The past seven months of turbulence in this area are about to come to a welcome close. The middle of this month from the Full Moon in Virgo on the 7th onwards has the potential for one last shake-up in this area. 

There’s a fair bit of action in your fourth house this month, which is the area of your chart that deals with your emotions, family, home, and living situation. The month starts with a nice conjunction here between Jupiter and Venus, Mercury enters on the 19th, and then we have a New Moon (followed by an eclipse next Month) in Aries. There are likely to be some major shifts and new beginnings here in the coming months. 

Venus spends some time in your fifth house of romance, children, and creativity this month, entering on the 17th and making conjunctions to the north node and Uranus during her transit – expect some unforeseen surprises in this area, though much of this transit has the potential to be a real treat for you. Make sure you find some time to play. 


A huge month for Aquarians as Saturn finally shifts into your second house and out of Saturn-ruled signs for the first time since 2017. Saturn has just spent 3 years making you a much more robust and resilient person. You’ll likely have matured physically, mentally, and emotionally during this time. Now Saturn is moving on to calibrate your relationship with money, values, and assets. 

Mars finally ends his reign of chaos in your creative and romantic life on the 25th. He enters your sixth house of health, work, and routines at this time where he’ll be upping the ante of your gym routine for the next couple of months. 

Pluto dips into your first house from the 23rd until June 11th. There may be the entry of forces that challenge your personal power structures and trigger a major personal transformation. This transit is a biggie and will not leave you the same. It is, however, a slow one that we’ll see playing out over the coming years so may not bring the drama just yet. Pay attention to this ingress, as this energy will be here to stay soon enough.

Finances and shared resources are a big focus this month and will likely become more straightforward and less nebulous after mid-month when Mars makes his final square with Neptune. Saturn’s presence in your second house at this time should add a bit of stability this time around though. Hang tight, this is the last of it! 

There’s a nice, stabilizing, and even luxurious addition to your home and emotional life from the 17th when Venus enters Taurus, your fourth house. Enjoy this transit, as it’s the first time in years that you can enjoy a Venus transit in one of your major houses without a hard aspect to Saturn. 

Congrats on surviving your Saturn transit…Here’s to the next 30 years.

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