December 8, 2022

Manic Mars in Gemini, who is currently mid-retrograde,  is exactly conjunct this Full Moon. This lends a spicy and adrenaline-packed punch to our annual Full Moon in the sign. If you’re feeling like a lunatic pulled in 25 directions all at once, you can thank the mutable madness of the season! This Full Moon may see themes that have been building since Halloween come to their logical conclusion. 

Communication is the keystone of Gemini placements, something which may feel especially heated, messy, or frustrating at this time. This is a culmination point as all Full Moons are, but one of special importance as topics that have surfaced with the ongoing Mars retrograde may also come to a head at this time. Retrograde Mars in Gemini is a vibe that we’re all pretty accustomed to by now, and one that won’t be leaving for at least another month. 

If you’ve got something that’s been brewing for a while that needs to be said, you’ve got Saturn on your side aspecting the Full Moon by trine. This should allow you to assert your boundaries and standards constructively. Mars retrograde can lend an unpredictable element to these types of interactions, but it does allow us to better pinpoint what’s not working. Where is your stress coming from? We’re all drained from being pulled in so many directions during these past few months, so now might be the time to say stop where you need to.

Mercury, the ruler of the lunation, has recently entered Capricorn. This means the master player for the Full Moon is Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn. Saturn is supporting the lunation by trine, meaning time is on our side. Saturn wants us to remember to bring the past into the future. Always remember that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. If your standards and boundaries have not been adhered to, then perhaps lean on the other malefic and cut it out. 

With so much mutable energy going on, it’s almost impossible to not feel like you’re juggling too many things all at once. One of Mars’ best traits is that he enables us to remove things that are no longer functional; cut out the debris. Consider getting real with yourself this Full Moon, get to the root of what’s annoying you and communicate that in a productive way to those who need to hear it. Cut out the things you need to in order to stay functional. Give yourself a break, and enjoy the wild ride Sagittarus season always promises to be. 

Speaking of….I’ll be taking a break from now until the end of January. I’ll see you all then 🙂


Chart via: Chart via Astrogold software, set for Melbourne, Australia

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