July 30, 2022

I hope everyone is enjoying the current cagey and disruptive astrology. I mean, yes, there is the nice trine that the Moon is applying to with Jupiter, but we’re heading straight into some of the most intense astrology of the year from here, so try to make the most of the good moments when you can.


The New Moon in Leo occurs at 3.55 am on July 29th 2022 (AEST)



Leo is the solar domicile and the sign of the heart so I should say something cheesy here like “just have an open heart and embrace your true self this New Moon babes”…though sometimes self-love involves telling people to fuck right off. Sometimes embracing your true self involves going against the status quo and disrupting the false pretense of peace and harmony. 


This New Moon starts a crescendo that will take us through the first half of August in what can only be described as an absolute clusterfuck. That is the technical term for it, yes. Following the New Moon, Mercury and Luna make a series of aspects that will be repeated by the Sun over the coming weeks. They will square what is one of the most tense pileups this year, and finish by opposing Saturn. This will be wild. 


We have Mars and Rahu gearing up to conjoin Uranus at the start of August. This will likely bring back the themes of the 2021 Saturn Uranus “pressure test” squares, as the whole fixed sign T-square involves aspects to these planets. There is some respite through reception via sextile from Venus, the ruler of the Taurus action, but I sincerely doubt that will do much to tone down these wild animals. 


All of this is happening across the fixed signs, who are the most resistant to change and disruption. This just adds more intensity as there’s a hesitancy to adapt to the impending events and changes. Fixed signs are known for their rigidity, and over the coming weeks, we’ll see who is willing to bend, and who will break. 


It wouldn’t be Leo season without a bit of drama, would it? That’s showbiz, baby.


Image via: IG @juemwoman

Chart via: Time Nomad app, set for Melbourne, Australia



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