August 11, 2022

When the Moon and Saturn meet things can feel very austere and somber. You may feel drained, tired, and inclined toward a bit of (well deserved) rest and relaxation around this time. Rest and relaxation are harder to come by than we might like when we’ve got a square between the luminaries and the action-packed trifecta in Taurus. 

We’re lucky. The gnarly conjunction and exact square have already passed. We now get to pick up the pieces and recalibrate to better function within our new circumstances. We get to innovate and discover creative new ways of doing things that are more resilient to the inevitable turbulence of life. 

Change is exhausting, and sometimes we push forward even when the tank is empty, continuing on in the delirium caused by a seemingly endless period of extreme pressure and stress. There is no stopping. In fact, we’re only mid-way. 



This lunation is a nodal bender. We’re halfway between eclipses; this is very much a turning point. Think back to the 1st of February this year. This is when we had our annual Aquarius New Moon. We’re seeing the culmination of those themes, and those circumstances now. What did you ask for then?

A Saturn-ruled Full Moon is a great time to reflect on time, so also consider the larger Saturn in Aquarius transit. We’ve been in this lesson since March 2020 and will stay in it until the start of 2023. 

Ethics is a Saturnian topic that rarely gets discussed. Not your moral character, that’s Jupiter’s domain, but your ethical code; what you feel personally responsible to uphold in this life. The Saturn in Aquarius transit, which has largely coincided with a square from Uranus in Taurus, has brought to the forefront the dilemma that comes from putting the interests of the collective or maintaining the status quo above the interests of the individual. Uranus, the iconoclast, spent last year making this a widely apparent fact.

Sometimes what is good for the individual is not good for the collective. It’s times like these that force you to weigh up what you will sacrifice to benefit your fellow humans, and what is non-negotiable for your self-preservation. It’s times like these when you are tested and have the choice to operate out of fear, or instead out of integrity. 

What amount of benefit to the wider community is worth compromising your personal ethics for? What amount of benefit to the individual is worth compromising our collective ethics for? What amount of fear would make this choice necessary, and what is behind that fear? Is the fear itself justified? 

Think of the compromises that you have had to make in the past two years. Think of the parts of your life that failed to withstand the pressure test of the 2021 Saturn Uranus squares. Are you better for losing them? Do you wish you’d been more resilient? Did you let the Saturnian fear win out over your inner rebel? What have you lost and gained through this process?

Saturn implores us to be self-sufficient and self-interested. This is the planet that will test your boundaries to make sure they exist. You get to say no, you get to say stop. This is the liberation that comes from standing in your power. There is a joy to be found in saying no, in disobedience, and in sovereignty. I can’t say the same about compliance. 

There’s a great Carl Jung quote that is something like “Where you fear it, there is your task” – So what are you so afraid of?



Chart via: Astrogold, set for Melbourne, Australia

Image via: @operasport__

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